Why Do Gay Men Have To Be So Gay?

Gay and faggotry technically describe homosexuality but realistically, they describe the behavior exuded by the majority of men who happen to be homosexuals. These words are used in place of the word flamboyance because that’s way too many syllables for people to care for. Why is it that gay men have to behave the way they do? Lesbians don’t do that so it’s not the homosexual orientation that causes the odd behavior. There’s something about two dicks clashing that makes people weird.

There are few gay men out there who are just normal people in every aspect except for their sexuality and that’s how all gay people should be behaving. …I can see people getting uncomfortable with my definition of norm but I will not change it because it’s simply fact. The norm is dictated by the majority whether it’s right or wrong. Greatness is not a norm either. Not that gayness is great… Oh dear, what the fuck am I writing?

6 thoughts on “Why Do Gay Men Have To Be So Gay?

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  2. Ya some of them get a bit creepy and irritating. I can see why one would believe that they’re just faking it and that could be the reality but who knows. I’m convinced the lisp that they speak with is part of their born traits. I used to have a classmate in high school who was gay and he had a lisp since 9 years old. So I guess it’s possible their flamboyancy is not an act either. But damn, I bet some of them go over the top on purpose cause it’s just way too flaming.

  3. First of all, “fag” is not a descriptive word. It is extremely derogatory and offensive. Please don’t ever use it again, because it really is something that causes extreme torment.
    As for the question ‘why do gay men have to behave the way they do?’, I will respond with, “why do you have to behave the way you do?”. The behavior is only odd because the majority of men don’t act that way. But most women do. Now, if you would, for a minute, pretend you’re a young boy, just as uncertain about who he is as everyone else his age. All you know is that you get along better with girls than with boys, and because of that you’re bullied. Now, what is your natural response? Do you stand up to every boy in school who is bullying you for getting along better with girls? Do you befriend those boys who torment you and prevent you from joining in when you try? Or do you become even closer with the friends you do have, all of which are girls; who are modeling themselves after their mothers and aunts and other women in their lives. And ‘suddenly’ you’ve done what is completely natural and adopted some of the traits your friends have, like talking a certain way, or walking a certain way, or SITTING a certain way. All the while you’re being bullied because you aren’t acting like all the other boys, who can see that there’s something different about you.
    Lesbians do act slightly different than the norm, but because our society views masculinity as more acceptable, women are allowed to have a broader range of actions and behaviors than men. Women can wear pants, which are traditionally a masculine thing. Men cannot wear dresses because it is considered a feminine garment, and women in our society are STILL viewed as less valuable than men. They are expected to look a certain way because it appeals to men, and are paid less because they are still seen as less capable than a man. Gay men are viewed as “weird” because we sometimes act like a woman, because that is the gender that has showed us the most support and been our friend over the years. Lesbians are ‘more acceptable’ because they have been fetishized by men for decades, and because the broader range of behavioral patterns acceptable for women allow them to ‘blend in’ better.
    The truth is, we shouldn’t have to fear not blending in. The “norm” of society currently makes holding your wrist at the wrong angle something that is acceptable to bully a person to the point of suicide for.
    I don’t act the way I do for special attention. Its foolish of you to think that after years of physical and psychological torment, gay people would act the way they do to be noticed by the people who have hurt them the most. I act the way I do because that’s just how I act, just like you act the way you do because that’s just how you act. Some people talk a certain way, wear certain clothes, or hold themselves a certain way because it makes them feel good. It makes them feel closer to the people who have supported them, or because they like how they look/feel when they’re doing it.
    The next time you see a gay guy who you find to be too flamboyant, I would like you to ask yourself why it is you take such issue with it, and not immediately begin listing reasons you think they shouldn’t be acting that way.

    • I might write a longer response later but first, let me say that there’s some hyperbole in writing so I apologize a bit if you got really offended. Next, I don’t like (negative) attention so my natural reaction is to do nothing to stand out, and not just be myself and then complain about haters. And lastly, as much hate as gay people get, at least some of them have people in their lives to support them. Just cause I’m straight and I don’t do shit that gets me bullied, it doesn’t mean my life’s any easier. Having no support from anyone despite doing nothing “wrong” makes life much shittier.

      Anyway, it’s not really a competition and I do sympathize with gay men more than i appear to in my writing. I appreciate the explanation, but it’s still not a full justification in this shitty world.

      • I’m trying not to sound too angry with you because I think its mostly just your lack of understanding that is the issue, and not that you genuinely hate gay people. I would like to hope so, anyway.
        I don’t like negative attention either, which is one of the main reasons I’m as quiet and withdrawn as I am. That said, the people I like most are women, because they tend to be more open minded. Its impossible not to take on some of their mannerisms when they’re all I talk to. I try hard not to be noticeably different, but I don’t think anyone is entirely able to be friends with a specific group of people and take on none of their mannerisms. Its unavoidable.
        Your idea that ‘some gay people have support’ is so completely flawed I’m going to try really hard to get too far into it, haha. Gay teens are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than straight teens, and 8 times more likely if their parents don’t support them. We face major struggles every time we leave our homes. I genuinely fear for my physical safety whenever I go out, and I live in Washington, which is one of the most open minded states in the country, and the first to pass gay marriage by majority vote. And I fear for my safety because I find men sexually attractive and not women. I haven’t committed any crimes worthy of societal rebuke and torture, I just talk with a higher voice occasionally, and cross my legs sometimes when I sit. I’m a vegetarian, a beekeeper, have a 3.0 GPA, and intern at a community garden where we grow 2,000 pounds of food a year to be donated to the food bank. I like Doctor Who, Supernatural and Sherlock. Eragon is my favorite book series. I have four dogs and an aquarium of guppies. My favorite computer game is Starcraft 2. I have 3 friends, only 1 of which I see regularly. My dad told me all gay people should be mutilated and hanged. I may have a small support system, but it doesn’t counter the fact that I feel alienated and incredibly alone 99% of the time because I’m a perfectly natural part of the human species that our society has decided is “wrong”. So, forgive me, but for you to say that it isn’t justifiable for me to be upset is bull shit.

        Now, believe me when I say that I understand what you mean when you say life is shity without a support system. I’m not saying your life is any less difficult than mine, or that you shouldn’t feel the way you do. I’m just trying to get you to be a little more open minded, and understand that sexuality doesn’t matter.

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