Being Nice

I consider myself a pretty nice person. I would pretty much do anything for anyone if asked but I don’t go around offering my help. I need to be asked. But then I was playing Sleeping Dogs, doing side missions helping out in game strangers, and I realized that I actually don’t enjoy helping people. Some people claim to feel great when they do good but I just feel empty and hollow afterwards. I get a “thanks” and that’s it? Does this make me a bad person? I think so.

4 thoughts on “Being Nice

  1. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it to help people. It takes a real huge change of mind state to help people for no selfish reason and not regret it afterwards or during. And did you say you would do anything?

    • It seems more often than not I feel like it isn’t worth helping people. I’d imagine most people appreciate thanks more than I do because I don’t appreciate it at all.

      I think I’ve done everything I’ve been asked thus far and I had to go really out of my way for a long time for some of them. That said, I haven’t really been challenged though… not sure what you have in mind… lol.

      • Ya talk about being nice. What the fuck was I on? Apparently nicetacy. Please Ted, if you send just $100 I can give you half of this said 3 million. Just think about it. No more parents and all the bitches from your wildest masturbation fantasies!

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