Shit Stories Part I

I was peeing and there was a mosquito flying within the confines of the bowl. Once it was hit by my stream, I thought it would go down and that would be the end of that. But instead, it flew back up into the air towards me. I was attacked by a mosquito soaked in my own urine…

I'm also soaked.

I’m also soaked.

That was a piss story but I thought they’re similar enough that I won’t make a whole separate entry for it. I don’t feel like writing up a long shit story right now so I’ll just squeeze in a short one so that there’s at least some shit in here. Umm… yesterday, I had black diarrhea. That’s all. It’s not much of a story. Just a shit fact.

Check out my black lingerie.

Check out my black lingerie.

4 thoughts on “Shit Stories Part I

    • Words are one thing, but I don’t want to get too graphic lol. That’s just an excuse, I’m basically just too lazy. I actually had no vegetables for a few days (normal for me). I think the only thing I had yesterday was a piece of steak. I just ate another piece of steak from the same package. If I get black diarrhea again, I’ll take a picture of it just for you.

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