My Dad Vs. Normal Part I

I just bitched about my mom so I’ll bitch about my dad too to be fair. I didn’t have anything planned for this but just when I finished writing the last entry, my dad came home from work and from upstairs, I heard him say “gagagagagagagagagagagaga” in a mocking high pitch. If you can’t imagine how that sounds, that’s a testament to how retarded it sounded. He was presumably mocking about something annoying my mom just said but he isn’t aware that his mockery is far more annoying than anything imaginable. Or he just doesn’t care. Oh, and he does this mocking angrily too. Add that to the already unimaginable dialogue. That is simply not a noise a normal person should ever make. I feel retarded when I imitate it for my friends so I can only imagine how retarded it feels to make that noise unironically. Does a retard even feel retarded?

Then he walked past my room and (high-pitch) grunted “aaaarg”. He was annoyed with me but I wasn’t doing anything annoying and he had nothing to complain about. He was annoyed that I was alive basically. He makes that noise no matter what I’m doing. Even if I’m sleeping, he’ll turn on the light to make that noise and make sure I wake up to hear his annoyance with me. And yes, that has happened many times before.

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