Offensive Words

It always boggles me why people get offended by the sight or sound of a word, regardless of context. It’s ridiculous that someone can get offended when I tell them that I was making retard noises in bed. How else would you describe that noise? Go ahead, try. Plus, I wasn’t being a retard in anyone’s face or anything. I was just being retarded on my own. When did it become a crime to be a retard and be conscious enough to describe it as such.

The other word people fear is the word nigger. They fear the word almost as much as they fear black people. Unless you’re black, you can’t be offended by that word. White people don’t want to hear that word because it makes them feel guilty. Everyone else just doesn’t want to be in the same room when a black guy hears it.

2 thoughts on “Offensive Words

    • I’m listening to Sarah Silverman’s audio book right now and I just got to the part where she made that chink joke and there was a whole controversy about it. Guy Aoki, head and co-founder of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans, bitched and whined and demanded Sarah to apologize for the joke. Man… I feel ashamed to be lumped in the same racial category as that guy. He probably doesn’t realize that he’s doing the opposite of what he’s trying to accomplish. All he did was make everyone hate dealing with asians even more and reduce the chances of asians getting good jobs in the entertainment business.

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