4 thoughts on “Sketch Ideas Part II

  1. I’ve been really thinking of writing comedy material but don’t see myself having the stones to do standup…that male female cable bit has potential i think… have you watched any chris rock standup?

    • Yup I’ve watched all the Chris Rock stuff. Which one do you have in mind? I feel bad that I tend to forget famous bits all the time but then it makes them good when I rewatch them.

      • ‘Bring The Pain’ and ‘Bigger and Blacker’ are the best ones I think. A lot of people started out as standups. Even Mr. Myagi from Karate Kid..hahaha..

    • I want to support your stand up efforts but there’s only so little I can do from over the internet. If you want someone to workshop some material with you, you know where to find me.

      I’m also going to write an entry on my thoughts and feelings about doing stand up the first time so that might be interesting for you to read. I should be done writing that in about an hour.

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