So You Think You Want To Do Stand Up Comedy

I’m an introverted internet hermit but I did stand up comedy once, over a year ago, and I’m going to describe my thoughts and feelings on that experience. If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who’s thinking about doing stand up but you’re not sure yet and you decided to look on the internet to see what people have to say about it. If that doesn’t describe you, then I don’t know how you came across this. Maybe you followed my blog after reading one of my many random topics. …I’m just going to keep writing with the assumption that you’re the perfect audience.

I don’t ask for much in life but at the same time, it’s pretty hard to get me excited about anything. The experience of being on stage and getting a laugh is very exhilarating and you just have to do it to know how it feels. If you think you would like it, it will only exceed your expectations (assuming you do well).

The first thing you should do is check out the open mics around your area. I watched several open mic shows before I did mine just to get a feel for the room. You don’t even need to think about performing; just go and enjoy a cheap show. When you see certain people do really poorly, it’ll help build your confidence knowing that you can at least do better than them.

When you feel the urge to write comedy, start writing them right away. When I was in the mood, I was writing page after page of material. They weren’t all great, but I was able to generate a lot of material to choose from. If you tell me to write comedy now, out of the blue, I won’t be able to write shit. So take advantage of your comedy moods and write down as much as possible.

Different people will have differing experience in performing. I had no experience and even though I practiced my material for hours and hours on my own, it’s very different to be talking in front of an audience. Even when I was performing it for just my friends, I was having a much harder time than when I was rehearsing in my room. If you’re not the kind of person who can just jump on stage and riff, then you need to practice until you think you’re ready, then do it ten more times.

…As of this moment, I just got bored of writing this so I’m just going to end it without any kind of conclusion. I never cease to surprise myself how lazy I can get.

4 thoughts on “So You Think You Want To Do Stand Up Comedy

  1. It must be the most exhilarating high! Like a MMA fighter knocking a guy out in front of a whole stadium. If doing stand up would one want to have a rolled up sock in their pants while on stage? You know, to wow the crowd.

    • Unless you’re only using stand up to pick up chicks, there’s no need for stuffing. When the person on stage is trying to be cool, it just gives an extra reason for the audience to dislike him. I think self deprecation and failure stories are easier to get on board with.

      On the other hand, I just thought that it would be funny if half way through, you pull the socks out and put those socks on while telling your jokes and not address it.

      • Hahaha… ya that could be pretty funny… or if you took the rolled up sock out of your pants and threw it at the crowd at the end… on second thought maybe that wouldn’t go over too well.. Please try and let me know

        • If you throw it, you gotta be careful who you throw it at if you don’t want to get stabbed afterwards. I think throwing something from your crotch is treading a line on whether it’s just plain disgusting. I mean, what if we threw Hershey kisses out of out pants? What about chocolate milk?

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