Bad Joke?

I want to preface this by warning you that this is basically an incomplete joke. I like the idea of the joke but I don’t think I wrote it properly for it to be funny. This is the second time in a row that I’m prefacing my blog. I hope I don’t get used to prefacing my writing to excuse myself from writing it well enough to be self-explanatory.

I’m terrible with girls and it’s mostly because I’m too passive so I never say or do anything. I exercise too much restraint when interacting with them to the point where I might as well be a rock. That’s one of the main reasons I’ll never get a girlfriend. Some girls might say that I would be more fun if I just loosen up and do what I want instead of overthinking things. Well, they’re wrong. If I just follow my basic desires, someone would get raped. And by “someone”, I mean me, because I would be in prison for having committed a crime, because it’s a crime to rape some poor girl. And by poor, I mean unfortunate. I don’t think I would exclusively rape a girl for having no money.

I had a preface so I might as well include some closing words. The main joke I wanted to test out is to make the reader think the person is suggesting that he raped someone… or maybe he didn’t… oh wait, he did… I wanted to deliver these two twists within the span of one sentence. I don’t think it worked and I don’t think I explained it very well either.

10 thoughts on “Bad Joke?

  1. Comedy is particularly hard to convey through writing and you do it effortlessly. Love reading your posts! 🙂

    • Glad to see people understanding my sense of humor. I have my lack of social life to thank for that. Most people probably have a harder time joking about rape an shit in such a public forum.

    • Good confused as in not knowing what’s going on but loving it? Like the first time a teenager discovers masturbation and has an orgasm but doesn’t really know what’s going on? Sorry if I’m being too crude.

    • Reading these comments is the best thing in the world. Better than orgasms: It lasts longer than 2 seconds and I don’t need to feel shameful for enjoying it in front of my family.

    • You’re right, that would be funnier. And apparently I read cruel as funny.

      It’s not like either scenario is real anyway and it would be funnier to rape a moneyless girl for being poor. They would probably have less reason to fight back.

      • Well it depends. Are food stamps considered bartering fodder in that situation? (editor’s note: you do not have to answer this right away, you can sleep on it…)


        • I don’t really get the question. What’s she bartering for? Is she paying me food stamps not to rape her? I’m losing track of the joke. These rape talks would look so bad if people quoted them out of context. Actually, it’s not that good even within context.

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