Discrimination and Internet

From time to time, I voice my opinion about gay people, retarded people, or people of other ethnicities, usually black. The problem is, I don’t know any gay retarded black people and I also don’t know anyone who’s gay or retarded or gay. Oops I typed gay again. I meant black. Due to my lack of interactions with these people, my opinions are completely baseless. I mean, who knows… maybe after meeting some of these people, it turns out that I really hate them. Maybe I haven’t been discriminating enough.

All kidding aside, I honestly don’t have much of an opinion on these matters. Although I wrote something negative about a race, I don’t think it’s actually racist. That’s because the butt of the joke isn’t the gays or the blacks or the retards; the butt of the joke is me for being so wildly ignorant and stupid. Too bad there are so many people on the internet that’ll go right ahead and get offended at the sight of some of these words.

Speaking of the internet, I hate my internet. I switched internet service providers recently and the new one sucks. Basically, whenever I download something, I can no longer load new pages. That means I can no longer download porn while looking for more porn to download while streaming porn on my second monitor. How am I supposed to live this way? What’s that? Meet a real girl you say? Are you out of your mind?

9 thoughts on “Discrimination and Internet

    • But I still need visual stimulation!

      I actually really want to try a fleshlight but I’m too cheap to buy one. Plus, I wouldn’t know where to hide it. I wonder how many people buy sex toys while still living with their parents lol. I think I’ll write an entry on this later tonight. I’ll be happy to write more about fleshlights if someone buys me one to try lol.

      • The number of Chinese guys with sex toys living at home with their parents is probably less than .5% but you are a pioneer so don’t let the my imaginary stat discourage you. I won’t buy you a fleshlight but I have an old one kicking around if you want it.

        • If you want to pay for the shipping and it’s not an imaginary fleshlight, then sure lol. The idea of using a used fleshlight would probably disgust most people and disgusted me at first too. But then I thought it through. I’ve already come to terms with the fact that most girls I ever fuck, if I ever fuck one, will not be virgins. At least with the fleshlight, I can clean it to my satisfaction. And if I can’t get it clean enough, I can burn it without feeling like a murderer.

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