False Resentment

It’s easy to resent people for not accepting you when you’re not at your best. But at the same time, I can’t really blame them. If/when I get successful and girls from my past start getting more interested in me, I would wonder where the fuck they were when I needed them the most, like right now. But then nobody would want to be with a shitty excuse of a person like me right now so it’s not really their fault either.

When you’re in a better place, you won’t resent the new people you meet because they did not reject you when you were at your low. But they didn’t have to because they never got to see it. If they saw you at your low, they would probably reject the shit out of you. Chances are, the old friends you resent are actually better friends to you but emotions trick you into hating the ones you should love and loving the ones you should hate.

15 thoughts on “False Resentment

  1. But then when your current friends get into a better place, you can watch them disappear faster that a flushed dump… Let’s face it, friends are for pussyfaced arseholes that can’t cope by themselves. It’s all about dying as a lonely and embittered individual, that’s where it’s at. I’m cool, I’m hip. Yea no girl even remembers my name, I wank into a tissue every night and I may as well burn my phone, but at least I’ve got enough time on my hands to write about it in the comments section of someone else’s blog. Can any of these popular guys that are always at parties and shagging their way through an Ann Summers catalogue of sexy models say that they’ve done that? You’re fucking right they can’t. Snivelling bastards.

    • Yeah, who can’t fuck hot girls, right? They’re just prostitutes who aren’t even getting paid. To hate the world with all your heart on the other hand? Well, that takes heart.

    • It’s true that wanting to have friends has a lot to do with comfort and often friendship is bullshit but I’m not totally enjoying being a loner either.

      • Being lonely totally sucks, but being liked for who you are (good, bad, totally fucked up, or super successful) is worth the wait! I’d rather be alone than with people who only like me for who I am “right now” vs who I have always and will always be! Eh – fuck ’em all – who cares what any of them think anyway! Ooo – better yet, fuck their best friends – that would really mess with them! 🙂

        • I’ll probably die a loner before I go back to bullshit people. And yes fucking their best friend would mess with them but their best friends are guys so I will stick to being a loner.

          • Well – loner it is then! Embrace it with everything you got! Maybe someday they’ll all say “That guy was the greatest loner that ever lived”! 😉

            Good news is that the majority of the population probably isn’t worthy of your time anyway!

  2. I feel the same way about this. I’d probably have resentment towards old friends if I got to a better place. Can’t go back to bullshit once it reveals itself.

    • Look, there’s nothing more manly than crying yourself to sleep at night. That’s what Riggs in Lethal weapon did and he was cool, before he started getting all racist and that. But what about the man with no name? He was a loner. Or the lone ranger? Despite actually having a friend he was so much of a wannabe loner that he even put it into his name regardless. Or what about lone gunmen that you always see killing people in the news? Actually forget about those guys…

  3. Ted,

    I feel that you are honestly pretty negative. You aren’t the only one in a really bad place right now, so am I. My family situation is pretty bad, and I would give my right arm and ten years of my life for a two year contract so I can get a decent job and move out for good and never look back. That sounds like an impossible dream.
    If you were a bit more positive, optimistic, and generally had more drive, a lot more girls and people or whatever would be all after you. I am not saying you are bad, but try to be a bit more positive. Right now my life is pretty bad shape, but I know it will get better soon, and I am working my hardest to get there.
    Not all people are bad. Just some. Just treat people well. Make them feel important. I read this book called “How to Win Friends and Influence people” which helped me a lot. You can be a jackass and have a lot of friends, and a good person and have the rest of the world hate you. Having friends has nothing to do with what kind of a person you are, it is all about how well you know how to relate to people.
    If you or anyone wants to talk to me, my cell number is (removed).

  4. Err, Paloma, you look kinda hot. Either you’re gonna be making money when people start calling you or I’d avoid putting my number up on here if I were you. You really don’t wanna dangle chance in the face of sad bloggers. If I weren’t from another country then you’d already have a sim card full of my weeping messages by now.

    • I can’t tell if this message makes you a good guy or a bad guy.

      …Now that I read it again, you’re a totally good guy in this message but your previous comments would suggest otherwise lol. I guess we all have a little bit of good and bad in us. A lot actually.

      • I think I’m in love with Paloma, I wanna just stare into her smokey eyes and tell her my problems. Popular people are still pussyfaced arseholes though.

        • I once showed my friend a picture of a girl I thought was attractive and he laughed that it was a 100×100 pixel image. I wonder what he would say to your comment about a… is this 25×25?

          • He’s just jealous. Not everyone can start a one-sided relationship with pixels, it takes a lot of imagination and sheer will power,

  5. Amen to that. It may sound sad but I don’t do friends in the real world anymore apart from one who is more like a sister and has been for a very long time.

    I have all I need and why would I want to complicate my life with the problems and stress of others?

    Not me.. I have made some really good connections in cyberspace, and ok, folk may not always be what they seem but at least you don’t have to get tied up in the day to day of their lives.

    No idea where that little burst came from.. am editing so that could be the cause…. 🙂

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