My Mom Vs. Normal Part III: Bitching, Animation, Programming

My mom does this annoying thing where she bitches about everything. Sometimes, they’re joke-y “friendly” bitching. Other times, they’re just bitching. I got a 3D monitor about 2 months ago and my mom has “friendly” bitched me twice to show her 3D movies.

Woah... the world looks so 3D...

Woah… the world looks so 3D…

What makes this bitching instead of asking? Well, that’s because I’ve already offered her to watch 3D movies 5 times (2 of those times were immediately after the bitching) but she turned down my offer every single time. So fuckin’ annoying.

What's that you want to offer me? Nah, I've already got something to suck on.

What’s that you want to offer me? Nah, I’ve already got something to suck on.

She does the same thing with food too. Every time she sees me throw out a container, she bitches that she never got to try any but every time I offer, she says no. And no, don’t argue for her that she just wants to be asked. She says no in a depressed and suicidal tone. Can you even imagine how that sounds? I highly doubt it. There was this one tiny box of chocolate that I distinctly left on the table and waited a year to eat it and she still bitched about that.

We just love to say no to boys.

We just love to say no to boys.

Here’s a little background information about me that you’ll need for the next story. I went to 2 years of university studying computer science. I have discontinued my education indefinitely because I am capable of learning those skills on my own, and going to school made me depressed, and I’m just a lazy fuck-tard.

And my background is in netting. I learned that on my own too!

And my background is in netting. I learned that on my own too!

A couple days ago, my mom said this thing to me that she has said at least two other times before. She told me that if I didn’t like what I was studying before, I should go back to school to study something else, like programming, because she heard that it’s good. If you ask her what I studied for my first 2 years, she would tell you that I was studying animation. I have said nothing that would’ve led her to think that other than saying the word “computer”. It’s one thing to not know what I’m studying, but at least have the decency to know its name or what it’s NOT.

Look at me! I'm computering!

Look at me! I’m computering!

14 thoughts on “My Mom Vs. Normal Part III: Bitching, Animation, Programming

  1. HAHAHHAHAAA HOW does computer science equal animation??? :/ My mom tells everybody I’m doing programming. At least she’s kinda on the right track!

    • The most awkward thing is when my mom’s friends ask me how are animation classes. I tell them I don’t take animation classes and they get confused and wonder why my mom or I would lie about it Lol.

    • Oh and I was actually using “programming” synonymously as “comp sci”. Maybe I should change it to comp sci in the blog entry because one time, they literally told me I should try out this new thing called computer science.

      • Ppl never understand what computer science means :/ ppl hear comp sci and assume I can fix their computers, cell phones…and refrigerators!

        • lol yup. And people think they have something in common with us because they themselves have used computers.

          To me, programming and computer science are similar enough that I don’t differentiate them any further. One is a subset of the other and most of the world don’t need to know the difference. I’d rather not have to explain. It’s like the way I would call myself Asian or Chinese interchangeably. Unless the other person is Asian or Chinese, they don’t give a shit what the difference is. They just need to know that I’m yellow.

  2. I almost didn’t write a comment, til I read “If you liked what you read, please comment…..I need the affirmation lol.”
    Well, I know how you feel with few followers. :/ But we can eventually get more. 🙂
    I think you’re silly and blunt, and its awesome to read what you write.
    I’m sorry your mum is oblivious to what you want in life, and constantly bitches, I certainly understand where you are coming from, my mother is very similar.
    Do you think they’ll ever listen to you? Your mother and father.

    • I don’t think my relationship with my parents will ever get better. Every interaction with them is bad. The ones I write about aren’t even the worst ones, they’re just easier to translate and write about.

      I also think my writing is awesome to read. I guess that statement also fills the criteria of being silly and blunt.

      Haha, I’m glad my comment prompting line worked =P

      • It did, it convinced me. Haha
        Well, then I am right there with you. I wish we could speak easier, I’d like to hear more details, and see if maybe either of us have a chance to fix or change anything. We come from them, but we did not choose them. I have to remind myself of that when I feel miserable for disliking them. They are our families, but they suck as human beings.
        I’ve been struggling with whether or not I should sit them down and hand them a letter I’ve written, explaining that I want them out of my life for good because they only share negativity, and make me extremely unhappy and I dread ever going to see them for ANY reason.

        • I don’t even have the option of handing them a letter because of the language barrier, lol. It might be healthy for you to take a break from them. Maybe you can pretend you’re going on a vacation but you’re just cutting off contact from them for a month. During that time, you’ll probably discover your true feelings towards them.

          Sometimes, I try to justify their actions by the fact that I’m still financially leeching off them.

          • Well, then you’re fighting for freedom currently. You are stuck in hell until you can stand on your own 2 feet. I moved out over a year ago, and moved back when my ex broke it off with me. And I spent the next year(almost) in my own personal hell of being blamed for everything, and asked to do everything, and my mother made sure I was aware I owed them money every single chance she got, while I was unemployed and even more so each time I got any kind of job.
            I’ve said to them many times I want to be left alone since moving out, but they still call, text, send messages, demanding to know about how I am, how everything is, and for the $100 for my $40 phone bill.

            You can’t leave them now, but when you are able to, do you plan on immediately jumping like I did? Or do you plan to wait it out with them a little longer? To see if maybe they’ll come around even a little bit.
            How is their a language barrier between you and your parents? If thats okay….. I must be missing something important…

            • It does sound like your mom’s been giving you a rough time. I think you need to stand up for yourself more. Not just by saying you don’t want to hear from them because that sounds like an emotional reaction. Actually stand firm and show them that you mean it.

              I have no hope that things will ever get better with my parents. I’m only sticking around because I don’t really have hope that life is worth so much effort to live so I can’t get enough motivation to hold a job and move out. Unlike you, I can’t find a boyfriend and move in with him, lol.

              My parents are Chinese and don’t speak or read English, practically speaking. I came to Canada when I was 6 years old so I grew up speaking English. My parents encouraged me to speak English so I could get by but they refused to learn the language themselves so they basically created the language barrier with their own hands. My Chinese is basically at a grade 1 level or worse since I’ve probably unlearned a lot of words over the years.

              • I moved out of their house and into my own baby studio. I wanted my freedom. I took it back. You should get a job you enjoy enough, and get out with it if you can.
                I’m really sorry you’ve got such a barrier. I see the only solution in learning Chinese yourself, enough to stand up for yourself. Like you’ve encouraged me to do so. My letter wouldn’t involve my just telling them I never want to speak to them. It would include that I don’t want to leave my family, but that I get to finally explain everything. And maybe years from now when they’ve let it sink in, given them time to try and change.
                Because I’m noticing its about communication. I told them I didn’t appreciate how they spoke of my cousin who recently came out as an ally. They refuse to call him a he or use his name. They will forever know HER as her given name. I lost it on them. And they have since said him around me. So maybe there is hope. But I doubt our issues with money will ever be put aside.

                I hope you can learn more Chinese, and communicate with them more, shock them into caring more about who you are and who you want to be. Maybe? Hopefully.

                • It seems like you still have hope. I, on the other hand, have given up hope long ago. I don’t plan on making attempts to improve things. If things happen to improve, great. If not, and it probably won’t, I’m fine with that. Sure it’s shitty, but a lot of life is just as shitty. I might as well direct my energy to doing things that have better chances of improving.

                  • Well, good for you then. Hopefully you’ll find something that’ll bring peace to your mind. But do keep posting about your semi crazy folks. 🙂 I enjoy your stories and the way you go about your posts.

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