Survival of the What?

With the advent of technology and human intelligence, one can be very unfit and still survive pretty easily. It’s almost baffling that money is the biggest determinant of fitness. With a little eye surgery, plastic surgery, and oral surgery, you can have the most hideous genes and still be the most attractive person. Money is powerful, but yet, it’s just a volatile concept we’re all playing along with. In times of crises, money is worth absolutely nothing. I think first world countries have been relaxed for too long and we need a couple disasters to help clean our gene pool.

I go to the beach so I don't even have a pool for you to clean.

I go to the beach so I don’t even have a pool for you to clean.

Basically, anyone is fit to survive. So I started thinking about what kind of people would be the fittest in this crazy world we live in. If we’re talking about spreading seeds to carry on one’s genes, the fittest people are kind of the most horrible people. If a guy can get multiple girls to fall in love with him in addition to regularly having casual sex with strangers, he could potentially create a lot of offspring. This kind of guy might also be known as a sleazy cheating bastard. A stealthy rapist might also achieve comparable results.

This eye-wear makes me so stealthy that she doesn't even know I'm right beside her.

This eye-wear makes me so stealthy that she doesn’t even know I’m right beside her.

Let’s take a look at the surviving side of things. Smart and creative people tend to be more prone to depression and suicide which is completely unfit for surviving. Ambitious, corporate ladder climbing people, just like anyone else, could pretty much lose their job at any moment and those people have a much harder time accepting these harsh hypothetical realities. The fat corporate cats who nepotized their way into wealth are usually fat so they’ll be dying from bodily dysfunctions young enough. The other benefactors of nepotism would have spent too much time on their bodies and not enough time on their brains. There are too few “perfect” people who has the brains, body, and wealth so I will be ignoring that demographic when searching for this “fittest” person of the modern age.

Don't forget about women. We have plenty of steady job options. Like cooking. That IS why you hired us, yes?

Don’t forget about women. We have plenty of steady job options. Like cooking. That IS why you hired us, yes?

So what kind of lay men are the fittest? He can’t be too smart or creative. The dumber the better so he doesn’t need to think any unnecessary thoughts. He would have no ambition and be willing to take all kinds of shits from his boss. He would do labour jobs because there’s always an abundance of those and it’ll also keep him in good physical shape at the same time. It would seem that boring unambitious dumb sheep are the fittest people to survive in this day and age. Great job, humans.

This was the other picture I was going to use for "stealthy" but now she'll be disapproving humanity.

This was the other picture I was going to use for “stealthy” but now she’ll be disapproving humanity.

17 thoughts on “Survival of the What?

  1. You touched on such an interesting topic but you ended it so quickly. I hope you do another post on this or add to this one.
    I think human survival depends on something beyond looks, money, or even intelligence in an exterior sense. I think it depends on consciousness. I think the fittest humans are and will continue to be the ones who explore their own nature and look to overcome it. We have the ability to see and make better choices. And that is what will keep us alive.

    • This topic is a pretty loaded one. If you want to read more, I’ll write more.

      Curiosity and the ability to adapt certainly plays into survival. But since humans are capable of analyzing situations from afar, the ones who explore would experience more risk and the observers can learn from mistakes without the risk. It doesn’t take much active adapting to survive these days. Money can compensate for a lot of things, which is kind of sad.

      • Yeah, I think I was dealing with some wishful thinking. It is unfortunate but with money you can easily get better health-care, living conditions, and safety. I think being an aware, honest, logical, and fair being helps though- not to get money per se- but to evaluate your condition and find the will to improve it.
        Also, the better equipped you are to live in the real world, the better off you’ll be when and if your money dries up.
        It’s ironic, but the same human weakness that causes greed and conceit also causes laziness and self loathing.

        • Care to expand on your last line? Greedlaziness and conceitself-loathing are opposites, aren’t they? I don’t see how one might cause the other.

          Greed often leads to people who aren’t hard working but that’s different than being lazy. When a person is truly lazy, he doesn’t even bother to want things anymore so he becomes passively un-greedy. I would know because I’m going through that right now. It’s almost unbelievable when you hear about all the things I’m not doing because I’m being “lazy”.

          I believe that self-loathing is an honest emotion. Everyone has flaws and a self-loathing person identifies these flaws and brings them to surface. That sounds like quite the opposite of being conceited.

          • Yes the emotions or reactions are opposite, but they both come from the same mental ability/desire. Most of what we do comes from our automated subconscious desire for comfort, or fear of discomfort.
            So the ripped wealthy, greedy and conceited kid is doing it because he find comfort in it, which means he fears the discomfort of losing it/challenging what comforts him.
            The outcast who was looked down upon as weird and became more introverted, no social life, and bought in to their assumption he’s different (me), does that for the same reason- it comforts him to shut himself out because he’s not used to being accepted and having friends. He fears the ‘perceived’ discomfort of change/challenging that comfort zone, even though it could be very good for him.

  2. Thank you for liking my post and following my blog because it gave me a chance to find yours. I may not agree with all what you say but I definitely like the way you say it. Your words tickle the grey cells .

    • I probably don’t even agree with half the things I say but I say them anyway if I think they’re evocative or entertaining. I’m glad to have readers who aren’t bigots. It’s probably safe to say that no bloggers are doing any scholarly research to improve the world so it’s all just opinions anyway. Might as well make them interesting.

  3. Inevitably money = power and to have money usually involves being smart at something (to climb the corporate ladder) or to be pretty enough to basically sell yourself (looks or dignity – you choose). But money turns many people into dicks. Oh you have truly opened a Pandora’s box of thought provoking ideas here. Lol

    • The topic is pretty overwhelming and it’s hard to decide what areas to focus on and what areas to ignore and whether I’m ignoring too much. Even writing this comment is hard because I don’t know if I should just stop here or ramble on, lol.

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