What is the Point of Grammar and Syntax?

Along with language, the sole practical purpose of grammar and syntax is the facilitate communication. Worthless nerds who correct people on technicality are just wasting everyone’s time. If the errors cause no hindrance, or possibly even accelerate the reader’s comprehension, then it’s not really an error, is it? Not sure if there should be a comma? Doesn’t matter as long as it’s readable. Run on sentences and sentence fragments? Bring them on. Comma splices, grandma’s lices. It doesn’t matter. I like to put punctuations outside of the closing quotation mark because I find that easier to read. People who tries to correct me on these should flick off and go flick themselves.



I don’t give a flying flock of avians about technicality. If my words can do its jobs (communicating my thoughts), then that’s all that matters. People who correct other people for making those mistakes are just losers with nothing better to say but they still feel the stupid need to say something. I would know because I’m one of those people. Technicality is not the reason to follow grammar but that doesn’t mean you should never follow it either. There’s no reason for any respectable human being to write like a teenager who just discovered that he can replace letters with numbers.

I’ve mentioned the importance of communication and self-respect, but typos don’t necessary reflect those things. There are plenty of differnet kinds of typos that don’t slow down the reader so it doesn’t affect commuincation. By definition, typos are mistakes and since all humans make mistake, it’s not a matter of self-respect either. But typos are still bad because they show a lack of care. If you’re not double-checking and triple-checking your work, you’re telling the reader that you don’t give a shred of poo about them. When I read something that’s typo-free, it helps me trust the writer more. I get the sense that they actually spent time and didn’t rush through it. When I see typos, I get the sense that the writer didn’t even read over his own work and if he’s not reading it, why should I?

9 thoughts on “What is the Point of Grammar and Syntax?

    • Thanks for the affirmation. Sorry about not responding to this earlier. I don’t like to write a simple thanks and I didn’t know what else to say other than thanks so I waited a couple days and I’m now writing this random explanation. Yeah, I’m pretty messed up this way. But hey, that’s what makes me different than most people.

  1. Then I must ask, did you double-check this post? I’m not sure you give a shred of poo about me, your reader. 😉

    On a more serious note, if I am one of those people who correct people’s grammar and syntax in my head, does that make me a worthless nerd? I don’t really mind much either way.

    Another thing I want to point out is that there are some people, like myself, who have the potential to get so caught up on typos that it actually does slow down their reading. Thoughts?

    • Of course I double-checked it. Was there reason for you to believe I didn’t? And I give many shreds of poo about you. You’re practically the reason I wrote this piece because you said you were looking forward to reading more interesting things. Without that comment, I might not have blogged for a few days but I wrote something right away.

      I have dirty thoughts in my head from time to time but I’ve never acted on them. Does that make me a pervert even though it hasn’t actually affected anyone? Answer that and you’ll have answered your own question. To me, I don’t think it matters. If you’re a worthless nerd, then I’m a worthless nerd too =). Also, I don’t think that thinking something makes you that thing. It just means you’re more thoughtful and aware. Just because I think about what it’s like to be a girl, it doesn’t make me any more of a girl or a gay or anything. They’re just thoughts.

      As for typos, there are definitely typos that slow reading down. But my point was that there are also typos that don’t slow down reading and those typos are still bad, for a different reason.

      Have I provided you with a satisfactory response? =)

      • Well, I’m not going to call you out on every little thing, because as you say, “All humans make mistake[s],” but there were four instances in this post that interrupted MY flow of reading. They probably aren’t even noticed by others.

        On the whole, though, I really liked the post. It’s entertaining, honest, and informative.

        To answer your question, you did provide me with a satisfactory response.

    • One mistake every 500 words or so is kind of excusable. That’s why when I REALLY care about something, I proofread it up to tens of times. Sometimes, I would proofread it 4 times, then 5th time is perfect and I didn’t need to correct anything, and the 6th time I’ll catch something I’ve missed during all those previous revisions. If I want something to be perfect, I have to proofread it as many times as it takes until the last 2 revisions didn’t require any corrections or changes, wait a day, read it 2 more times, and if I didn’t need to make any changes, then it’s perfect. I don’t think I’ve actually ever done that before though, lol.

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