Word Cloud Game

This isn’t the offensive entry I was hyping in the last post but I just discovered a hilarious word cloud game. When I make a word cloud of all the tags I’ve used in my blog, hilarious phrases start to appear. It probably only works so well for me because of how random my blog is. My favorite thing about this game is that alliteration is naturally built in by virtue of the words being in alphabetical order.


tagcloud1ass assassin’s creed asshole

asshole atelier

bad beautiful bike

bitch black blog

blood boobs

boobs brakes

bullshit bully butts

childhood chinaman

chinese chocolate circle

cool crazy crysis dad

dad dating death

diarrhea dick

facebook faggot faggotry

fake fat fat fuck

flamboyant food friend

good hard hate

homophobic horny humor

infamous insect insurance

lesbian library

Louis CK making fun Marc Maron masturbate

masturbatory milf milk

naked nature

never new blog

nice nightmare

nightmare ni no kuni nipple

nipple no money

paradox pardo

parents passively pee pictures

piece of shit piss plug

porn practice

pretend pretty prison

random rant rape

rape realize rejection

retarded review

self sex

shit slave

slow soul

3 thoughts on “Word Cloud Game

  1. I think I’ve listed all the good ones but I just found another (mediocre) one: erectile F.E.A.R facebook faggot

    Apparently I’ve reach a point where my comedy can generate its own original comedy, lol.

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