Awesome Unreleased Content From Tedgaming

I had taken my first steps into indie game development and just when I started making some pretty cool things, I got bored with life and gave up trying. I’ve made several things that the public has never seen and now I will be releasing a bunch of them here. I’m not releasing this as a gallery of what I’ve given up. It’s quite the opposite actually. I’m hoping that people will see and like this and urge me to resume my projects. You should click on the images and see everything in action.

It's kind of hard to present an animation in a screenshot. Click on it to see it in action.

It’s kind of hard to present an animation in a screenshot. Click on it to see it in action.

There are a couple things being shown here. First, I have this center of gravity in the middle of the screen that sucks the dots in and launches them back out in circular trajectories. Then I demonstrate pixel manipulation where I grab an image and make the pixels dance. I picked a text in this case but the code will work with any image. The effect itself isn’t too amazing but it taught me how to manipulate pixels and I can do a lot cooler things from here on out. I can, but I never did anything else. Anyway, let me demonstrate the effect with another picture. I should’ve removed all the unnecessary junk but I was too lazy to work on it too much. However, my laziness shows how easy it was for me to just swap the images.

I just grabbed the picture from a recent blog entry, lol.

I just grabbed the picture from a recent blog entry, lol.

The proudest game I made was PRO-R, a shoot-em-up game you can find on newgrounds, kongregate, and a bunch of other flash game sites. It was the first time I tried making a game I would enjoy playing and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I played well over 40 hours of it after I’ve released the game. Most “real” games can’t even entertain me for that long. I was surprised at how good a job I did. Then I was surprised at how poorly the game did and how I made almost no money from it. The only reason that it’s my proudest game is because it’s the only non-casual game that I’ve ever finished making. This game showed me that I’m really as good at making games as I think I am. The next games I release will be much more amazing and I would be prouder of those. I just need to finish them. Aside from the mediocre graphics, the other bad thing about this game is that it’s not very welcoming to new players. If you don’t know the optimal way to earn money and upgrade weapons, it could feel pretty grindy. I started working on a sequel and you can check that out. There are 3 weapons. Press V to auto-fire them all. You can check out each weapon with Z, X, and C. (You may need to click the screen before it lets you control with the keyboard.)

The screenshot was taken with another version of the game so you won't actually be able to use that cool green weapon.

The screenshot was taken with another version of the game so you won’t actually be able to use that cool green weapon.

There are a lot of cool things I made there and lots of variables I can tweak with the weapons. If/when I finish making this game, it’ll be so fun collecting weapons and combing them to customize them just the way you like it. You can try out some of the other fancy weapons here without enemies getting in the way.

You can play with the fancy green weapon here.

You can play with the fancy green weapon here.

This next one shows off how cool it looks when you combine varying speeds of the same weapon.

Click the image to see the awesome wings in action.

Click the image to see the awesome wings in action.

If we’re talking about cool unfinished games, we can’t forget about Tek Tactical. This was my most recent project and it was very promising. The image below will link you to the kickstarter page with a lot of info on the game and there are some playable demos in there too.

The kickstarter page has all the info on the game. The game was actually developed a bit further since this was written.

The kickstarter page has all the info on the game. The game was actually developed a bit further since this was written.

The rest of this article will be dedicated to balls. Lots of balls. I played around with a lot of balls and some of these look really cool so you should check it out. This first one shows a bunch of balls bouncing around. It may sound plain, but it’s very hypnotic and I’ve stared at them for minutes on end.

You can click the screen to reanimate the balls.

You can click the screen to reanimate the balls.

This next one has more balls and I stopped separating them when they’re at ground level.

More balls.

More balls.

I loved watching these balls bounce around so I tried to think of a way to make a game out of it. That’s when I came up with the idea of creating a ball that you can control to bump into the other balls.

You can interact with the balls.

You can interact with the balls.

I turned this into a game called B-Sort. Again, this game did very poorly in terms of making me money. Maybe the problem isn’t the games but it’s the way I publicize them. The game’s pretty neat but I often prefer just bumping the balls around with no objectives. Here’s a couple more you can play around with.

Have you ever seen this many balls?

Have you ever seen this many balls?

This was actually going to be a game called B-Climb but I never bothered finishing it.

This was actually going to be a game called B-Climb but I never bothered finishing it.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed my balls and the other cools things I’ve made. My hope is that a lot of people will love this article and make it popular which might motivate me to make cooler things and finish off some of these projects. Realistically, I’ll probably only have the same 10 people reading this who reads the rest of my blog. C’mon world, prove me wrong!

15 thoughts on “Awesome Unreleased Content From Tedgaming

  1. You’re lucky to get 10 people reading your stuff, Ted, I’ve spent a lot of time doing the comics and writing on my 2 blogs and of my 28 or so followers I doubt any of them have read more than 1 of my posts. Anyway, first of all I liked your entrance in the kickstarter video, I was expecting a group of people to yell “TED!” like when Norm walks into the Cheers bar. But secondly these games look pretty cool man, obviously they’re kinda retro and unfinished but it’s sad to see that the both of you got like $27 out of your aim of $10,000, I think maybe you’re aiming too high for a proposed free game. But although we’ve obviously got games like call of duty etc. I think with simple app games for phones, facebook etc. becoming popular, addictive little games have managed to get a bit more attention again, so I’d finish Tek Tactical as best as you can because it felt like a cool old school scrolling shoot em up from the sega days. I’d like head shots to be more beneficial against most baddies though, because then your aim gets rewarded, and clearly the world’s not complete with different bad guys, pick ups etc. but it was pretty cool. I couldn’t get the other game to shoot, so that may’ve been my fault I dunno, but good work man! I would say that posting this on the weekend may not be your best time though, because most people might detach themselves from their computers to check posts when they go out and shit.

    • In hindsight, it was definitely not easy to ask people to pay for something they would otherwise get for free, lol. Yea I need to finish Tek and I hope I stop being a lazy bum and finish that soon. The failed funding looks pretty pathetic but I’ve been too lazy to move all that info to another page, lol. I also feel kinda embarrassed that you saw that intro video because we didn’t spend that much time on it.

      For the other game, try clicking on the screen to focus it. Flash doesn’t take keyboard commands unless it’s the main window.

  2. Oh yea, got it now. It’s fucking tough though, Ted, I feel like I’m already on the tenth level. The mechanics are basically there though. Like I said man, keep going. I don’t know whether you’re in university or what, but my brother in law is now working at Crytek game developing company on their new game Ryse, so I see it as an industry possible to get involved with, it’s not like becoming a famous actor or something. Plus the games industry is fucking huge and ever expanding it seems.

    • The problem is… well… me. Even if a game company were to offer me a job right now, I would not be happy about that at all. That’s not what I want. It seems I’ve got a lot of problems I need to work on. I feel shitty for responding so negatively to everything but I really hate people who try too hard to fake positivity. Or people who are genuinely feeling good but they don’t deserve to feel good like dickheads and spoiled brats.

  3. I think you just need a little motivation to get you started again. Getting started is always the hard part. Once you start there’s a good chance you’ll get some momentum. Just get back on the horse for 1 day and see what happens. Maybe only promise yourself to complete a small task and nothing else. This is my shitty version of a motivational Tony Robbins speech.

    • I’ve tried forcing myself one day at a time but the momentum didn’t stick. October to December 2012 was basically me dragging out each day to try and at least make some progress in Tek. There were a few days that I did pretty well but I couldn’t get much done on most days and everyday was a battle. It got to the point where I realized how much I was hating it and I had to stop, at least for a while. I’ve been lazing around for too long a while now and it’s about time I try again. There was a night last week where I couldn’t sleep and life felt horribly wasted and I wanted to work. I didn’t have access to my files at the time and the feeling is long gone.

    • Yea dickheads and spoiled brats that seem to float through their lives with ease actually make me try harder as much as they make me feel insecure about myself. But I think you really need to work out what it is that you want, Ted, because if you don’t actually have a goal then you’ll reach 40 and be working in a shitty job having never even tried. Right now you’re still young enough to fuck things up and move on. I’m almost 30, which I don’t consider old in general, but being uneducated, unemployed and still living with my parents is never a situation I’d have thought I’d be in when I was your age six years ago or whatever. And I can already feel added pressure when I see my friends with proper occupations, having kids and being permanently moved out, so I can only imagine how bad I’d feel leading the same turgid existence ten years from now.

      • When I was working in the library a few months ago and hating it, I didn’t feel like I made a wrong choice somewhere or that I should’ve done something differently. Life just seemed like crap to me. I don’t think that the grass is greener on the other side. I know there’s green grass out there somewhere but there ain’t no green grass within 10 fences of where I am. Sure, when I was younger, I also thought that I’d lead at least a moderately successful life. But at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed if I still live with my parents by 30. I just have very low expectation of life. And why shouldn’t I? I’m always pursuing girls and getting nowhere. I still try every so often, but I’m only right when I don’t expect things to go well. It would be foolish to think that things would just magically work out. I know I’m being difficult but I’m not trying to be. Life just doesn’t like to play nice with me.

      • I’m 33, uneducated, not living with parents but thinking about it and I work a shitty to average job depending on who you talk to. People with really shitty jobs would kill to have my job and others would jump off a building if they had to make my wage. I think almost all people when they are in their early 20’s imagine their life in the future to have some success even if they have no real reason it will happen. Who the hell wants to think they’ll become a loser? But not everyone can be a “winner” or even half of that. The sad truth is that the majority of people will be mostly unsuccessful in their pursuit for the successful life in the classical sense. Some try their best to mimic that life by marrying a shitty woman and working as much as they can at the job that they hate. I think some people have to just find a different way of living, thinking and accept it. I think I might be one of those cause if not, it’s looking like I’m going to be a 40 year old who will hate his life.

        Ted, I don’t think it would hurt to try something. Weed, therapy, meds. They can be beneficial. What’s the sense of being cheap if the money you are saving isn’t doing anything for you anyway? As far as getting laid goes it’s different for all people. You’ll probably like it but chasing it is a whole different story. The reason guy’s do anything is to get laid or get a significant other. They just don’t want to admit it cause it sounds stupid to say you’re devoting all your life’s effort for a women. It’s hard to get laid for most guys. We usually have to work hard and/or lie. Who knows though, maybe once you get laid you’ll want to conquer the world for all its pussy.

        I don’t know man. It’s hard and shitty. I feel stupid for even sounding like I have any good advice cause I don’t even know what I’m doing. I’ve always been similar to you in that I could never get that motivated for very long. There’s a lot of us out there though. It’s freaking hard to be happy when you don’t have the same driving forces and accomplishments as most people.

        • I’m not really saving money. I’m preventin myself from having to earn any. I don’t really have any real amount saved up. I don’t want to die but if I have to choose between working a shitty job to barely survive and death, I’d happily choose death. I don’t need to make that choice at the moment so I’m still sticking around. Ideally, I would find some reason to live before I have to make that choice but I doubt that’ll happen

  4. To be honest with you, Ted, I think a large part of your depression is just needing to get laid. Other than the cool guys, arseholes and first cum get married types, we’ve all been in that kind of slump before. You may also want to smoke some weed every now and then because you’ll probably be able to settle down and concentrate on shit quite easily when you’re fairly stoned. I don’t know anything about any other details of your life, but that’s what I’d prescribe in the unqualified doctor role I seem to have taken up in this conversation.

    • Both those things cost so much money though. I don’t want to get addicted and then forced to work to make money or be even more of a leeching asshole, forcing my parents to pay for my addictions on top of living expenses. I’ve been kind of close to getting laid through unconventional means and each time, the closer I get, the less excited I am. I felt whatever the opposite of being excited is. Kinda messed up. I don’t know… People usually say to talk about things but I think I talk about things too much and it always makes me feel shittier when I talk about it because it makes me actively think about how crappy everything is.

  5. Don’t worry, Ted, you won’t get addicted to weed, it’s not crack or heroin, but it might chill you out a bit and allow you to see shit less seriously. Girls are fairly expensive though really, even ignoring the prospect of whores, because you got to take them out, buy them shit, maybe go on holiday, blah blah… Maybe you should go to a psychiatrist and get them to prescribe you some Valium or something to take the edge of all this thinking you’re doing. If you can’t focus so many thoughts on to something positive then limit them a bit with drugs. Or what about kung fu or any kind of martial art that allows you to control your inner chi? That always works in the movies. And shit, aren’t you Chinese? Come on, man, how are you not doing this? I thought every Chinese person popped out there mother’s womb with a pair of nun-chucks and a spinning bird kick? Don’t tell me I got that wrong too, Ted? Don’t tell me you can’t do a room full of flips followed by a tiger style stance leading into a one inch punch whilst making a whooping sound like Bruce Lee. Surely that can’t just be racist stereotyping, I was sure it was fact.

    • I’d say I’m already pretty chill so weed just sounds like another unnecessary expense. I’ll think about it. Honestly, I don’t really care about anything that much, not even my life or well-being. I don’t need to think about this stuff at all but I’m thinking about it for the sake of discussion and expression. If we weren’t having this conversation, I would’ve just been laughing my ass off watching Two and a Half Men. There comes a point when I have to decide whether I’m a lazy bum because I’m depressed or whether I’m just simply a lazy bum.

      We’re not born martial art performers but we are born with hidden inner potential. I just need a 3 minute montage song to unlock it.

  6. Wise words from Mr Johnson, Ted, I guess I’m going to call it quits with this conversation, I’ve run out of things to say. However, I think this 3 minute montage transformation may be the key. If you could only permanently walk around listening to 1980s power ballads, then I think you’re life would be radically improved. Pretty soon you’ll be snapping pretty girls’ boyfriends in half like Bolo Yeung and then doing flexing poses that make you look like you’re constipated, the ladies won’t be able to stay away from that, Ted. It’s a winner. I recommend “You’re the best” from the original karate kid film, don’t worry about the Japanese martial art reference because most people can’t tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese people anyway, so it works the same. That’s another fact, Ted, look it up.

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