Ted’s Little Bitch Corner on Video Games

Lately, I’ve pretty lost interest in everything. It makes life not worth living when nothing’s enjoyable anymore. I don’t know if I can still say “lately” if it seems to be the permanent state I’m taking on and it’s been already been a year and counting. My tolerance for everything has significantly decreased. I can tolerate a lot of shit, but I don’t bother anymore because it’s not worth it.

Basically, I just bitch about everything a lot more than I used to. I can hardly play through video games anymore. If you want to read my bitchings on video games, let me know and I’ll write something up. I hate how I have to get people to tell me to do things instead of just doing the shit.

7 thoughts on “Ted’s Little Bitch Corner on Video Games

  1. But ya I hear you about not feeling the motivation to do anything. Most people do things so that they don’t feel like a loser or they need to fit in.

    • You say that people only do stuff so they don’t feel like a loser so that means they’re just losers trying not to feel like losers. And if they’re trying not to be a loser to fit in, that means if there’s no one to fit in with, they simply won’t do anything. It’s just twisting your words a little. No real profound thing to understand, lol.

      • Oh ok lol. Just because someone doesn’t try to fit in doesn’t mean they won’t do anything. It just makes it more difficult to find something to do. So difficult sometimes that it never happens. I don’t know, it seems like you got something with your game making.

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