Please Don’t Raise Cheap Children

I was raised to be cheap and that has officially fucked with my entire life. Growing up, my parents always complained about the price of everything and I was taught to value cheap things because I don’t need expensive things. Because of the way that I was raised, my life is now completely fucked. I can’t hold jobs for more than a few months because I don’t need the jobs because I don’t need the money because I practically don’t use any money. The very fact that I’m alive is proof that I don’t need those jobs because I’ve quit them all and I’m still alive.

Now, I’m still living with my parents so that’s why I don’t need to pay bills and shit. Sooner or later, I’m going to need money, right? I think not. Partially because it pains me to spend money, there’s literally nothing I look forward to in life anymore. With nothing to look forward to, I don’t really need to extend this life. I’ve adapted to not needing to spend money to survive which led to not having any fun and now I’ve adapted to accept death. If you don’t want to raise a fuckin’ mess of a child like me, don’t raise your children to be cheap. Get them hooked on drugs so they feel the need to earn money to buy more drugs. At least they have a will to live.

I went to another branch of the library today to pick up a few dvds and met an ex co-worker. There was bullshit small talk and I jokingly asked if there were any rumors about me ever when I suddenly quit. She told me that some people thought I might have committed suicide. That actually made me happy. As social beings, humans like to share things. Since my life is pure misery, that just happens to be the only thing I can share.

7 thoughts on “Please Don’t Raise Cheap Children

  1. I wish I knew what to say. I can’t say if being raised cheap links to not holding a job or not. I know being raised poor links to busting your ass to succeed because I’m proof of that. Money makes the world go ’round. Sad truth in all of that. Unless you’re cheap, of course.

    • Being raised cheap does not necessary lead to my inability to hold a job but it didn’t help. Busting an ass to succeed requires motivation and sometimes it’s to prove someone wrong. For someone like me who has no one to prove anything to, I’m completely lacking in motivation.

  2. Ya being cheap is a disability in life. I was super cheap when I was around your age but have slowly managed to not be so cheap but the cheapness bug still strikes me regularly. I think most Chinese people from any country had cheap parents. I’ve seen lots become cheap adults but seen just as many who are the exact opposite. So perhaps cheapness has a lot to do with genetics too.

    Glad to know you are still alive. I need you Ted. Please don’t leave me. I think I’ve fallen in love with you.

    • haha yeah, I left for a while and was a little disappointed that no one checked whether I was still alive. I’ve been listening to joe rogan podcast now. Listened to episodes 1-50 now I think. I’m not sure if it has to do with joe’s controversy topics but I’ve been getting more fear of the dark and can’t sleep which makes life even more uncomfortable for me.

  3. I was actually going to email you cause I was thinking how you haven’t posted for a while. 50 episodes already? Glad you’re liking it. I was listening to 1 every work day. I’m still not caught up. I’m at #340. It may inspire you. Fear of the dark? You fucking pussy. Hahaha. Have you checked down there lately to see if your balls are still there?

    • I probably still won’t be posting for a while. I don’t foresee myself getting any better any time ever. My balls are probably going away with my motivation, since I’ve lost motivation to jerk off too. I think I need to get one of them fleshlights from joe rogan’s sponsor.

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