Tale of Losing My Virginity; Got Paid to Get Laid

This is a detailed account of the night (tonight) I lost my virginity. I haven’t felt like doing anything lately and haven’t been blogging either but my friend paid me to write this. I’m getting paid to write about getting laid, not for getting laid, in case there’s still misunderstanding because I purposely misled you. I still had to pay for the hooker. I actually had to pay the hooker more than I’m getting paid so I just got a discount to lose my virginity. By now, you should be aware that this isn’t a sexy story. If you must, go somewhere else to masturbate because this story is kind of a boner killer.

At around 6 pm, my friend (the one who’s paying me to write this) told me that he and his hooker-savvy friend is going out for massage and sex and asked if I was interested in coming. Given my lack of will to pursue any work or entertainment, I figured I’ll go out to get laid if my friend is driving and paying for it. I’m a cheap guy and I like to make the most of my money. If possible, I want to make the most out of the transaction, finishing as many times as I can. Apparently, the pro-whore friend told me that 30 minutes means finishing once and doesn’t actually go by the time. It’s kind of tricky because prostitution is probably illegal so you kind of have to adapt their euphemisms and can’t get clearly defined rules. I still would’ve asked and see if I can get a full 30 minutes and I would just ask them explicitly when we start because I’d already be naked by that point so there’s no need to beat around bushes anymore. I know I can historically finish quickly so I would’ve wanted to at least ask for a 5 minute warranty. The other thing is that I still kind of want to go to prison so getting caught by cops would actually have been far from the worst case scenario.

The plan for the night is as follows: first, my 2 friends want to get a regular massage, hopefully with happy endings or more, and then we visit the straight up full service place. If the first place turns out to provide full service, then they’ll let me know and I can purchase my services there as well. The first place had two decent ladies but I would’ve hoped for even better ones. We didn’t know what we were in for so only one of my friends went in first. The other guy and I went to grab some food while we waited. I’m cheap so I actually didn’t purchase any food. The friend offered me some of his fries so I ate some. This guy was actually a friend of the other friend so we didn’t know each other too well and I just filled the time with my usual depressing talks. I pretty much covered anything you would read from the blog except I was more depressing and less funny. I can’t imagined my moping was good especially on a night he’s planning to get laid. He probably felt bad and offering fries was the least he could do.

After a while, the massaged friend called to pick him up and he informed us that they offered happy endings. This piqued the interest of the other friend and he decided to go in for the service too. I didn’t go because I wanted full service. If I’m losing my virginity, I’d like to do it right, as much as money can buy, at a reasonable price. At this point, they agreed that they were still taking me to the other place after both their happy endings so I didn’t mind waiting. I’ve already waited 23 years so a couple more hours wasn’t going to hurt me.

Now I went to get food with this friend. We went to KFC and again, I didn’t buy anything. He bought a little combo meal and gave me the chicken drumstick. We mostly joked about happy endings and condoms, you know, typical dinner talk for guys. Afterwards, we went to Baskin Robins to get some ice cream. I didn’t want to pay for anything but my friend insisted to buy me some. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing about food and given that I’m most notoriously known for my shit stories, I’m going to disappoint you right now and let you know that this doesn’t lead to a nasty diarrhea sex story.

After waiting around for a while, the other friend finally finished and now we head towards the real climax of the evening. It was a disappointing climax but I used that word just for the double entendre. This new location is an apartment complex and the lobby smelled bad. The odor was made nastier because we all had cum on our minds. At this point, I wasn’t nervous or anything. I hadn’t put much thought in this whole thing since I haven’t been thinking about anything at all for the past year or so. I’m not even sure if my brain is capable of thoughts anymore since I’ve been letting it rot for so long. My friends told me that I need to follow through with this and I just said sure. I didn’t really care. As long as the girls weren’t ugly, I didn’t plan to chicken out. If I’m going to pain my cheap mind to spend money, even if it’s my friend’s money, I expect a certain quality.

When we finally got in the room, I was immediately disappointed. They weren’t terrible looking, but they were definitely less than I expected. They were definitely worse than the ones in the first locations so there was an added sense of regret. When I was in the car, I was wondering whether I’d pick a prettier face with no boobs or a lesser face with better boobs. That didn’t matter anymore because I didn’t have any options and the only 2 I could choose from were both mediocre looking with decent boobs. When we arrived, I didn’t talk but I was slowly trying to back out of it because we all knew they weren’t lookers. But then my friends went right ahead of ordered one up for me despite my hesitation. I didn’t want to be a party pooper and since I wasn’t paying, I complied, but I wasn’t excited at all.

The place was pretty hush-hush and everybody spoke with indoor voice. I wasn’t crazy about the fact that they barely speak English but that’s not exactly a deal breaker for what I’m doing. I was led into a room and the woman asked if I speak Chinese. I told her that I speak Cantonese and it was as though she didn’t know what Cantonese was. She asked the same question a few more times, in English and in Mandarin, and I kept giving her the same answer and added that I was from Hong Kong. She didn’t get it but whatever, we just proceeded. She told me to start and I declared that I was putting on a condom and she shushed me. I said it slightly loud by accident but I wasn’t screaming it or anything and it felt weird to be shushed. The whore-philliac friend had advised me to try to hold out longer but when it was all about to start, I didn’t really have anything in mind. I didn’t try to finish quick or slow, I just went with it.

As a Chinese guy, my dick is pretty small already and because I wasn’t excited, I was completely flaccid and it was as tiny a knob as it’s ever been. I’ve never shaved that area so it was practically camouflaged in the bushes. Like most people, I try to make jokes to ease awkwardness so I outright joked and said “It’s small, isn’t it?” I have no idea if she heard or understood because of her poor English but it wasn’t important. When I took off my shirt, she “ooo”-ed and rubbed my chest. I don’t know if it was purely an act or if she was excited because I was actually kind of built or if she thought it was funny that I was hairless. Earlier, my friend told me about freely touching boobs because he knew my taste and knew that I would’ve wanted to know that. So I only hesitated a little as I reached for the boobs because that’s the only attraction at that point. In my years of virginity, I had already thought of the possibility that boob-touching is overhyped and that was definitely the case tonight. It just felt like oval flesh. It wasn’t particularly exciting. It was fine. It didn’t get me hard and I was planning to play with them a bit but she kind of brushed my arm off after a couple squeezes and told me to lie down. I guess she just wanted to get right to my dick so she can get rid of me sooner. I lied down and reached for a boob and she kinda pushed it away again and told me she was going to suck my dick. I guess she pushed my hand away to get into sucking position. She sucked for a bit and my dick rose steadily. Once it was up, I didn’t know how quickly I would finish so I stopped her and asked for pussy. It was pretty awkward asking for pussy and not knowing if she understood me or not. I didn’t know where to start so I just let her lead. We switched to her lying down and because I was awkwardly on top of her, I couldn’t really reach for boob anymore. If it isn’t clear already, I’m kinda obsessed with boobs.

I didn’t wait for my dick to get fully hard so it was pretty difficult to shove such a small object into its destination. I didn’t really care about my small dick but the most disappointing part was that I couldn’t feel anything because of the condom. I was very disappointed in sex. I give myself a way better handjob. I didn’t know how to get into fucking positions and ours parts didn’t seem to fit together. When I tried to get on the bed, she pointed at me feet and said “No toes.” I don’t know how I was supposed to fuck her without my feet on the bed. I’ve never fucked so my pelvic muscle wasn’t strong. Not only that, but I don’t have a big range of motion to work with because of my short dick. My dick is probably proportional to my height, average-ish, but it didn’t help that it wasn’t even at its full length. If that’s not bad enough already, I also had to take a break after my first thrust because I pulled my hamstring right away. This sex thing wasn’t working and we switched position several times. None of the positions seem to work. I forgot to mention that I kind of needed to pee before we started so when she was bouncing on top, my bladder felt a lot more than my dick did. Whenever I had a free hand, I tried to reach for a boob and she keeps brushing it off after a short while. I don’t know what the deal is. Much like a fly, she’d let me go at it shortly to see if I would move away myself I guess. She didn’t react greatly to it either. It was just weird. Finally, she offered to finish with her hands and I just said sure. She only went at it for a little while and she already seemed tired and disgruntled with her hands. Disappointing. I could’ve done a better job myself. The rest is history.

Prior to tonight, I actually feared that I might enjoy sex too much and be forced to get a job to finance this obsession. Instead, my depression and lack of motivation to live just got reaffirmed. Not a great night. The fast food I had with my friends was way better than the sex. It was un-noteworthy but it still wouldn’t have been a bad night if it wasn’t for the fact that I left something in my friend’s car. I had to drive 30 minutes to my friend’s house to pick it back up. Now it’s just a waste of time and money. I would’ve been better off spending that money on Tales of Xillia for the PS3 that came out last month. Yes, I think about video games more than sex. What a nerd I am.

21 thoughts on “Tale of Losing My Virginity; Got Paid to Get Laid

  1. I felt bad for “liking” this. It left me feeling hollow. I’m sorry having sex was so depressing. Please pick yourself up, sex is not supposed to be like this and neither is life 😦

    • haha, it’s good to like it. I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t want people to like it. Sex would be better if I didn’t get forced into it to someone I’m not attracted to lol. I don’t know how I’m going to change my view on life though because it’s only going to get worse given the fact that I’m doing nothing and it’s just a matter of time before the lack of money makes things worse.

  2. Ya these Chinese immigrant hookers sound uninspiring. You have to get a white hooker that will pretend she likes you and lets you touch her tits. Fucking awesome post! Hahaha. Hey, you have to use tags that WordPress uses if you want to get better exposure. The ones on the ‘topics’ page.

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    • I do think it’s kinda gross but not really. I don’t think it’s particularly more goss than any other non virgin and since I’ve come to terms that its too unlikely to find a cool virgin, I’m fine with prostitutes. I think people have been overly sensitized by the media. I consider myself a victim of that too but I try to fight it.

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  5. Classic story, Ted. Loved it, definitely reminded me of any of my prostitute experiences. I know people who just can’t get enough of renting whores but to me the act is always filled with extremely forced and expensive moments in which my sexual thoughts become conflicted by my hate for being ripped off. It’s too much of a risky business deal, where I’m suddenly trying to get myself in the mood but I’ve permanently got to keep one half of my brain on value for money and the clock. As business women, they’ll be constantly looking for ways to squeeze more out of your wallet rather than your dick, and I remember on one occasion going to suck this prostitute’s nipples whilst we were shagging, and she pushed me away before telling me that I needed to pay another 50 for the privilege. Straight away my value for money ideals kicked in and I exclaimed “Fuck that!” with a scowl and the affair ended as yours did, with a poorly executed hand job. I felt like giving her a manual, I mean I thought that jerking a guy off was at least one thing she’d be good at.
    I think too much as well, and without any prior knowledge of the girl, I become interested in what the weirdest thing she’s been asked to do is; how she got there and then I might even feel a little sad that she’s been forced in to selling her body for a living. Rarely are there whores that actually want to be doing it and more often or not there’s some pimp sat behind a 2-way mirror waiting to take his cut. But it’s not that I have anything morally against prostitution per say, I don’t think it’s disgusting or depraved, I just think that there should be a little bit more professionalism about the whole deal. I almost want them to fill out a form before I part with my cash: Were you born a woman? Are your breasts real? What will I be getting? etc. And I think that customer satisfaction should figure higher on their list of priorities considering that if it’s a memorable event for good reasons then there’s more chance you may go back. They can also cut out the fake affection shit that they badly imitate for me. Unless I’ve asked for role play, I’d rather that there was some naturalism involved. I know she doesn’t think I’m hot and is only there for the money, so why pretend?
    I would say though that sex with a woman that you’ve been looking forward to being with is clearly not the same in any way. Also, there is nothing better than having a natural boner and then being able to roll over and stick it into a nice warm girl that wants it there instead of having a lonely wank. Especially when you both know you don’t have STDs, she’s on the pill and so you don’t need to use condoms. It’s crap enough using them when you’ve got a foreskin, so I can imagine that for circumcised blokes with desensitized dicks you must barely be able to notice that you’re not wearing pants.

    • The papers sound like a good idea but it might slow down the process too much. If prostitution is legal, it can be a lot more professional. It’s inevitably going to happen so they might as well make it legal and make it safer and cleaner.

      I don’t think I’ll ever fuck with a condom again. I literally felt nothing. There’s no point in doing it at all.

  6. You might think that legalization would change the procedure somewhat but that experience I was talking about was in Amsterdam, where prostitution is legal. I suppose that there you can assume they haven’t got diseases because they do have to have regular tests, but it still feels clinical yet grubby, and even if they’re not contagious with anything it doesn’t mean that you’re not ie. condoms are still compulsory. Anyway, everyone says that when you lose your virginity you’re a changed person as if now you’re finally a man that’s wise to the world or some shit but realistically most people’s first times are crap.

  7. On your tagging by the way, I think that WordPress has a maximum tag threshold of about 10 tags. What I was led to believe is that if you use more then it doesn’t show up in the reader.

      • Oh well for me it didn’t work. I wondered why nothing I did was showing up when I put the tag into the reader and looked it up and that’s what it told me. Then I put in less tags and it worked, but maybe that’s just me for some reason.

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