I haven’t been doing shit lately but I might start a podcast soon. For any new readers, I will quickly summarize that I’ve basically forsaken life and I no longer bother putting in effort to interact with people. It’s almost amazing how little I’ve done with my life in the past year. I’m living at home and by doing nothing, I risk being kicked out of the house, which I’m practically hoping for because I’m just waiting for a reason to get out of there. I have no back up plans and if I get kicked out, my only plan is just to die on the street.


I know it sounds like none of this has anything to do with podcasting but trust me, I’m bringing it back to that soon. I have a friend who’s planning to get a new place to use as an office and he might let me stay there. This is the friend who paid for me to get laid so that’s the kind of friend he is. When that happens, I plan to do several hours of podcasts a day. I’ve got nothing else going on anyway. He will essentially be sponsoring my podcast. He makes websites so listeners can help keep me and the podcast alive by using his services. I just wanted to write this blog to let people know about this potential free source of entertainment I’ll be providing. I don’t know if anyone cares. Even if no one cares, at least this can act as a shitty mission statement.

If you would like to see this podcast happen, you can help by liking and commenting in this entry. Giving my “sponsor” some numbers will help make this thing happen. Being able to show him a number in the tens would be better than showing him no numbers.

7 thoughts on “Podcasting

  1. I would like to see it happen and possibly be a guest if you would have me. Although my life is pretty boring so I don’t know if I would be good for ratings. In fact, it would probably just end up being an awkward podcast. I think a good name for the podcast would be the same name you have for your blog. Sad. Funny. Truthful.. Hahahaha…. I crack up every time I think about it. After a while people would just start calling it SFT. “Hey did you listen to SFT today?”

    • You’ve been reading all my stuff since really early on and I’ve appreciated your presence a lot. It’s good to know that if I take the effort to write something, that at least one person is going to read it. An awkward podcast may be uncomfortable to make, but sometimes awkwardness is hilarious to listen to. It probably won’t take long for me to run out of things to say so it would be nice to mix that in once I figure out how to do it. I never like listening to skype chats so we would have to do it in person somehow. We’ll see if I follow through with this podcast first lol.

      I was never sure whether I like my blog title and it’s cool to see you talk about it like that. I think I might switch the order and make it STF because that flows better than SFT. It looks like I’m going to be starting it in October. I’m going into this knowing next to nothing about how I’m actually going to do it. If anyone can help me with names of audio recording programs and how to put it online, it would help me out a lot. Otherwise, I might just give up once I start looking into the technical side of this, lol.

      • I think I find your title hilarious cause of the way I say it in my head. Try to think of it with some authority with each word and a pause after each word. Sad….Funny….Truthful. lol. The title is so fitting for your blog.

        I stumbled upon your blog by fluke but I guess that’s how it usually happens. I think I was reading some girl’s blog post about advice regarding depression and you commented. Plus your gravatar picture cracked me up cause it looks like a depressed guy lol..hahaha. You drew that yourself didn’t you? lol

        • Yup I drew that picture a few years ago. When I drew that I wasn’t nearly as depressed but it’s funny how the depression seeps through. That reminds me of a Louis ck joke about people who have shitty homes and just stand on the street, staring hopelessly into space.

    • I just did some googling and it turns out there are already podcasts named STF, SFT, and STFU. damn… your comment got me excited about using those names. Oh well. I still have a couple other names.

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