Racist vs. Unracist vs. Overtly Unracist

Let me start off by defining the terms. To be racist is to address race in any way, shape, or form. Some people use the term “racial” to identify unmalicious racism. Strictly speaking, anything that’s racial is also racist but people usually define racism as the hateful discrimination of race. It is universally agreed that negative racism is bad (unless you’re a racist asshole) therefore people try to be unracist.

By strict definitions, being unracist would simply be not addressing race at all. However, due to the negative connotation of racism, people become overtly unracist instead, going out of their way to be nice to minorities. I’m not against overt unracism if one feels inclined to do so, but one should not be expected to be an overt unracist. People often go out of their way to be extra nice because of white guilt. But guess what? I’m not white so people should not expect me to be extra nice. I’m still going to be nice, but I’m not going to be extra nice to you because of race.

Being completely unracist and pretending like race doesn’t exist is stupid too. But because a lot of people are stupid and would get mad at anything that sounds remotely racist, it actually becomes smart to be completely unracist if you don’t want to infuriate (stupid) people. I don’t have a job, career, or livelihood to lose so I don’t worry about being completely unracist. If we have to pretend that race doesn’t exist, why don’t we also pretend like our genitals don’t exist. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of the brain as well.

A vast majority of people are overly obsessed with political correctness. A vast majority of people are stupid. There are a lot of people who fear the word “nigger” as if saying the word would threaten their lives. Let me tell you a story of how I used the word “nigger” and a black guy threatened to beat me up. Classy.

On episode 14 of my podcast, I told a story of a “nigger purse”. I was chatting online with a black friend and as a goof, I wanted to work the word “nigger” into the conversation and make it look like an accident. I analyzed the keyboard and saw that I could pass it off as mistyping the word “bigger”. So I worked my way into pretending to mistype “nigger purse” when I “meant” to type “bigger purse”.

I find that story funny and it’s only funny because “nigger” is such a charged word. Some people may find it offensive and the only reason for that is because the word “nigger” popped up. George Carlin said it best when he said that context is what matters. If I called my friend a nigger, that would’ve been a whole different story but that didn’t happen. “Nigger purse” is as innocent as the word can be used because it’s fictitious and sounds ridiculous. Should the word “nigger” absolutely be never used? Absolutes are stupid. Murder is bad, but should we absolutely never murder? If there’s a Hitler performing genocide right now, should we let him live and continue the genocide because murder is absolutely bad? Unironically (or ironically?), some religious fanatics would stick to the absolute.

My black friend heard the podcast and was deeply offended, solely because the word “nigger” popped up. I do feel bad and apologized for the goofing because he was the brunt of the joke. I only feel bad because nigger is such a bad word. It shouldn’t be a bad word, but it is. Even so, I do not believe it’s something to be hysterical over. So where does this leave things? Am I a racist? Maybe, but I’m not malicious. I have been perfectly nice to this black friend and did several extended favors for him with no intention of asking for anything in return. If he can’t accept that I don’t fear the word “nigger”, then begone with him.

If he does beat me up, I wonder how the judicial system would look at this case. I wonder if a black judge would make a difference.

15 thoughts on “Racist vs. Unracist vs. Overtly Unracist

  1. It’s an odd cultural phenomenon that out of all racist slurs, the N word is considered by far the worse. See, I can’t even get myself to type it out. Chink is fine and so is Honky but not the N word. I guess it’s because the N word was used frequently during the most recent and horrible racist event in America which was black slavery and the treatment towards blacks afterwards. It’s just a word but since it will knowingly offend people it might be considerate to not use it in most situations. The idea is if you use the N word, you’re trying to be an asshole in the same way if you just purposely farted in someone’s face.

    If he does beat you up, just put on your glasses in court and there’s no way you’ll lose.

  2. Being non-racist is simply treating all persons equally, regardless the actual definition. Use of the “N” word is just bad manners. If you are not a racist, when you black friend is an “asshole” he is not a “nigger” but simply an asshole. Judge yourself. If your impulse is to call him a nigger instead of an asshole, you are probably a racist.

    Now, put the shoe on the other foot. I do not overcompensate being friendly to anyone. I have serious issue with “white guilt” as I was never a “slave owner,” never have enslaved any person of color, never raped, assaulted, or attacked any other race except during war, and never treated any person of color a lesser man than myself. I have however, been victim of assault, been robbed, and been victim of a racial hate crime by persons of color. I have fought side by side with many men of different races and have worked with persons of all different races most of my life. I have found that all races have their less than desirable groups, even whites. The biggest problem with blacks, is they support the wrong-doings of their people as justified because blacks have suffered through slavery.

    Name me 100 people today that experienced slavery. You cannot. That is because that period is dead and gone. The abuse that blacks claim to receive is not because they are black, it is because some ignorant person believes they are “poor” and from a lower economics class. Believe it or not, lower income whites get treated just a poorly, get abused just as much by the police, and struggle every day to put food on the table.

    Ask yourself a simple question: My family member is married to a black man. If we were to have race riots tomorrow, do I have to kill my family members husband to protect my family member? Just an idea for thought . . .

    If your concern of racism is sincere, all races need to stop supporting the wrong-doers in our society and eliminate their value in our support of our own race, regardless of race. Then, those of us that respect others regardless the color of their skin will be able to get along just fine.

    When you mature enough to recognize that an asshole is an asshole without consideration of color . . . You are getting closer to understanding how to be non-racist.

    • I agree on most of your points except for the slavery one. I’m sure there are still plenty of slaves out there but they’re not black people living in first world countries. I wouldn’t be able to name 100 slaves but I can’t name 100 non-slaves either. I only disagree on the number.

      I believe in fair treatment and being nice but equality is just an idealistic fantasy. Let’s take the hypothetical that we’re in a post-apocalyptic era and we need to assign people to hunt animals. We would not force the same number of women to hunt due to equality because most men would likely have higher physical aptitude. We would also be wise not to pick 0 women solely because they’re women. If there happens to be some fit women, they’ll join the hunting group. If there also happens to be a high number of black males who are fit, then the hunting group will compose mainly of black males. If one thinks this is racist/sexist, then one will probably not survive.

      • The Civil War ended in 1865. The 13th Amendment also in 1865 put an end to slavery of this topic. There was other methods of enslavement in practice until around 1928 but these are not actually part of this topic. Since that time there have been many individuals enslaved for a number of uses. I believe these are not necessarily based upon skin color and not limited to an individual race. Thus, slavery as part of this conversation would require anyone that was actually enslaved in this Country be over 150 years old today. It is not likely that you or I could find one such individual alive today that actually experienced the slavery discussed herein. My point however was that I was not nor have I ever been responsible for the enslavement of these people, and I do not accept responsibility for it. I have actively supported equal rights in this Country since my teen years and do not appreciate being target for their blame, regardless of color because my support of equal rights has never been just a “black” thing. My support of equal rights is for “all” without prejudice.

        Your distribution of duties is a good example. However, I would suggest that selecting your hunters more appropriate if they were chosen based upon their skills rather than color or sex. I know a few women that are quite suited to the hunt and a number of men more suited to gardening. There can never be a high number of “black males who are fit” but there can be a group of males that are fit, of which a number of them are black.

        The idea being . . . “I need 5 hunters” 10 men stand up. Who do you pick? The 5 with the weapons to hunt with.

        • We are agreed on the slavery thing. You said it a lot more factually, but we essentially said the same thing.

          For the hunting scenario, if there are people with hunting skills already, then sure, they’d be the first pick. But assuming nobody knows how to hunt, we would pick people based on physical aptitude and I’m not saying all black men are more fit, but it is statistically proven that black men have a higher physical aptitude. Just look at the NBA and NFL. It’s biological. One theory is that slaves were selectively bred to be more physical which is a very possible but unfortunate explanation. I’m not saying we should pick the black people to hunt just because they’re black, but if there happens to be a high number of black hunters selected for their objective potential, it would’ve happened objectively, not because of race. Causation vs. correlation.

          Now let’s take the scenario one step further. What if we needed to form a group to hunt stealthily at night. Surely a black person would be better for the job solely for the skin color’s ability to blend into the dark of night. In this hypothetical hunting scenario, I’m not saying that we should force all the black people to hunt, I’m just saying that they’ll be the first choice for the highest probability of a successful hunt. I would not force them to do it. If they don’t feel up for the dangerous task, they can opt out because their willingness to participate also factors into the probability of a successful operation.

          Ideally, race shouldn’t need to be involved but I’m not afraid to involve race when it does matter as long as I know that I’m doing it out of just causes. I know I’m not doing it out of spite.

          • You make a good argument, but I do not believe it is valid. Allow me to explain . . .

            Hunting does not require the strongest or most fit to do. I have known many a little boy that was very good at hunting. If you cannot carry your catch because of size you would need a person to assist that could. Often large people tend to be less stealthy than smaller people is also a consideration.

            You do not have to be a person of color to move through the night undetected. I have first hand experience in this regard, both in the military and in law enforcement. One of the first things visible in the darkness is the reflection of light on a persons or any animals eyes. In complete darkness you cannot see skin color at all. I will agree that a white face will be more readily seen when exposed to direct light, but no more so than a black face with a white background. No, this is wrong as you would likely see the features of the white man more readily, but with simple camouflage use such would not be true. In complete darkness you cannot see anything regardless how close the other person, observation is based entirely upon light sources, not color of skin.

            • Black men’s superior physicality does not necessarily lie in strength. Their muscles are more explosive, allowing them to sprint faster. Depending on the type of hunt, speed may be very useful. You keep adding detail into the scenarios to make my racial points invalid. Hunting can also involve trapping with physique plays practically no factor. My point is, different races have differences and it’s not necessarily “racist” or bad to point them out. Our politically correct culture has decided to play it super safe and pretend like we’re all the same, with no differences. As a result, some people have been influenced by our dumb culture to assume that any time race is brought up, it’s racism and it’s bad.

              I wrote an interesting joke a little while back that I think is appropriate here:

              Which of the following statements is better:
              A) Niggers are good people.
              B) All black people are bad and evil.

              • I suppose that maybe I am falling into the issue you suggest. But, do you think black people are superior in certain strengths than other races? Do you believe all black men have a large penis? If I said let the black guy do it, they run faster . . . would I be racist? The facts are that some black men have larger penis than other races and some black men are faster runners, but not all. Thus you cannot qualify an individual on skin color alone. Now were the choice between myself and a 20 year old black man on who could run the fastest, it would be him. But, it also would be the 15 year old white girl, the 12 year old Hispanic, and the 30 year old Asian mother of two. Were the choice between a 20 year old black man, a 20 year old white man, and a 20 year old Hispanic man . . . I would not assume based on skin color any of them better than the other. Now if the black guy had six pack abs and was slim, the white guy was puffy, and the hispanic look like he worked with weights on a regular bases, the black guy is the chosen one. But again, not based on his skin color but his physical condition. You see, although you may have a valid point to an extent, I do not believe I would be able to do it. I cannot suggest one race better at anything than any other race, because although a majority of the NFL appears to be black, not all blacks could qualify for the NFL, not all Asians are good at martial arts, not all Hispanics can draw well, and not all whites are good at driving. If it works for you, okay.

                Ass for your joke, you missed the last choice:

                C) Neither

                I do appreciate your discussion and your point of view. As far as I am concerned there is far too much racial complaint. Yes, you can say the word “nigger” and not be a racist. But, he better be your friend and the two of you share such a relationship. Personally, I find it easier to treat a man like a man regardless of color.

                Thank You

    • I also agree that using the word nigger is just bad manners. That’s why I never use it in front of any black people. But does that mean the word should never be used? Manners is a stupid thing anyway. It’s also bad manner to talk about sex but does that mean people should never have sex?

      • Point understood. I would prefer I not be referred to as “honky” or other term as much as many people of color prefer not be referred to with negative racial reference, and do not mind bringing to others attention. And, I am as offended by a black person using the word “nigger” as I am of any other race using the word. But, I am old. Good manners and proper respect for others regardless of color is why I do not use the word. Use of it makes people of all races uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable when I hear the word regardless who says it. But, I am the same with other such negative reference to peoples race regardless of color.

        • “If your impulse is to call him a nigger instead of an asshole, you are probably a racist.”

          Using racial slurs may be bad manners and offensive especially in certain situations but it definitely does not mean someone is racist. If you were mad at someone who is African you might call him the N word not because you hate black people but cause you think that it would piss him off. It’s not intelligent or clever but possibly effective. If he was the same race as you then you would have to settle for certain 4 letter words with ‘head’ at the end of it.

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