Tek Tactical Almost Complete!

Tek Tactical - Artwork - Done2
I took many long breaks from the project, but Tek Tactical is finally about to be released. If anyone wants to try this amazing game and help me improve on balancing the game, email me at tedgaming@gmail.com to get access to this game!
Supported by koncepp.com

4 thoughts on “Tek Tactical Almost Complete!

  1. I played your game. I suck even on easy..hahaha. Are there instructions? lol.. It seems like a pretty cool game but I don’t know how to get better at it. I wanted a shotgun but couldn’t afford one I guess. Any plans on making this game for smartphones?

  2. i don’t remember when you tried it, but the game is constantly being made easier lol and there’s a battle guide now. You should check it out again. This game isn’t going to port over to smartphones, but the next game might.

  3. shit, i didn’t know you replied cause you didn’t hit the ‘reply’ link under my comment. I thought maybe you just ignored your messages and went on a depressive binge. No more podcasts?

    • All conditions are ripe for depression to start. I know I’m getting crazy when I’m seriously considering asking my cousin for sexual favours, lol. I’ll see if I feel like making a couple more podcasts in the next few weeks. I wasn’t going to if you didn’t ask. By the way, the youtube channel has a bonus episode. It failed to upload on dropbox on first try and then I just gave up, lol.

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