Sexual Favor Requests

Yesterday, I asked another girl on facebook for a sexual favor and she seems pretty offended. So far, 3/5 girls I asked have gotten clearly offended. The other 2 might’ve been offended too, but they were at least able to maintain composure (all of this is on facebook). It baffles me. Why get offended? If I made a physical advance, then that’s legit reason to get offended, but I didn’t. Asking is as respectable as possible. What, am I supposed to pretend they’re not girls and I don’t have hormones? I find THAT offensive, to pretend like we’re above our biochemical bodies.

Now, I’m not completely ignorant on why it’s offensive. The main argument is that I’m objectifying them or some shit like that. It’s a stupid argument. Human bodies are objects, so I’m not objectifying anything, I’m just not following the delusional trend to pretend like it’s more sacred than it is. This doesn’t mean I’m a psychopath because I do respect people and their consciousness. That’s why I ask for permission instead of making rape-y presumptions. I get denied permission, and I respect that. I don’t question it any further. So why get offended? There’s no rational reason for that.

The other possible argument is that I don’t value our friendship. … What friendship? The term “friends” gets tosses around way too lightly. I think people should start using the term “familiars” because that’s what most people are to me. We’ve seen each other several times, we’re nice and friendly with each other and we have the potential to become friends, but we’re not. Even if we were friends at one point, after not talking or seeing each other for several years, the relationship would have dropped to being familiars. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is what it is.

I also wonder if there are misconceptions when I ask for these sexual favors. If these girls think that I’m asking for free prostitution, then sure, it might not be nice, but they should clarify that with me because that’s not what I’m asking for. But these girls are so uncomfortable by this point that I never get to elaborate. I’m just a depressed and lonely guy who wants a bit of physical contact, mostly in the form of hugs and cuddles (and maybe some boob action), and form a relationship with someone. I’m a nice and generous person but I have no one to be nice and generous to, and that breaks my heart as a utilitarian to see it go to waste. Relationship is a weird word too. I use that word in the broadest sense which encompasses but is not limited to what we normally define as relationships.

Look, I’m a decent looking guy and that’s going to be wasted because I’m just going to continue getting old and get less attractive. When I ask these sexual favors, I’m hoping to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. I guess it doesn’t work though because girls already pretty much get to fuck anyone anytime they want.

I wrestle with this a lot. I’m not exactly suicidal, but I’ve pretty much got no will to live and nothing to live for. I generally try not to make other people depressed. Because I’m already depressed and it’s pretty contagious, I cut myself off from other people which eventually makes me more depressed. I think girls underestimate the power of their boobs. I’m a strong young man with lots of potential and I’m completely enslaved to boobs. If I die, my life and potential would be wasted. Boobs can grant me life. A constant supply of boobs can get me to do anything. And it’s so taunting because they’re everywhere. Boobs…

For several months, I thought I had my sexual urges suppressed pretty well but it’s randomly emerging again. Tack that on my already depressed and loner lifestyle makes life very irritating for me. Enough ranting… I guess I’ll just go and burn the rest of my bridges. I’d generally like to think that I’m a good person, but then I go around spreading these bad vibes… at Christmas… I guess that makes me a dirty little yellow chinese grinch.

26 thoughts on “Sexual Favor Requests

  1. You are asking a stranger for sexual favors. They will definitely offended. Judging from your writing style, I can tell that you are an intelligent person but you need to work on your seduction skills. Read a dating guide book and go out of your comfort zone

    • Getting offended is one way to react, but it’s not the only way. I can’t be alone in thinking of a sexual favor as a compliment: that I’m desirable. Whether I want to perform the favor is separate from how I choose to react to it. I agree that I would have a higher success rate if I just approached it from a more normal approach, trying to date people, etc. But I’m not normal and I have no interest in that. This doesn’t mean I don’t care about people. I would gladly form long lasting friendships with people but I’m not going on a stupid date to do that. Anyway, these are just my own problems and I guess I’ll just have to get by with prostitutes for the time being.

      • My friend, a prostitute is more scarier than being rejected by a girl because of STD. You are intelligent enough to make some competent choices. It is your life, do what you want with it but remember that you are responsible for your actions.

        • I won’t go as far as saying I want STD, but if there’s a way I can suffer a disease in place of someone, I would, because I really care about my life so little and I can endure a lot of pain. I’m not a retarded masochist, but the main reason of wanting a fatal disease is so I don’t have to bother trying so hard trying to find shit I want to do, make a living, etc. Obviously, life would be much worse if I have a mild disease and still have to go through life.

          Prostitute was a bit of an exaggeration, but I honestly only care about boobs and not intercourse so happy ending massage is the “perfect” solution to my problems.

  2. These are people you are ‘familiar’ with on Facebook that you are creeping on? haha.. Well, I guess these girls might get offensive because they are scared you might find them physically one day and fondle them. But probably they react the way they do cause they think they’re suppose to react that way. I shouldn’t use the word ‘think’ cause they probably didn’t really think about it. The term ‘friend’ is definitely a sham most of the time. No one would call someone their girlfriend if they only spoke to them once a year but you’re always someone’s friend unless if you hate each other.

    There’s not a lot of easy options to getting a girl. If you’re not a bad motherfucker then you have to go out and do the things that everyone else does (network, make good money, lie like a sob, be a slave). Or you can lower your standards to any girl who rates from 1 to 4 out of 10 and you should be able to find someone online or even on the street as long as you don’t act creepy. I mean creepy in their definition not

  3. Trying to put myself in the shoes of these girls… It’s all about strings, and whether they’re attached or not. It kinda seems like you’re wanting a simple friends with benefits type arrangement, cuddle buddy, whatever you want to call it. The worry I’d have is something that starts out as casual thing ends up with one sided feelings developing and someone getting hurt emotionally and it being really awkward, just a thought. Although, I’m intrigued by how you worded these messages xD good luck in the wilderness of women.

    • Maybe. I just wish I have more luck in this area. I’m sure I didn’t word these messages well at all, lol. It’s hard because I try to get to the point concisely. Here’s the most recent one:

      me: ahh you showed up in my dream and now i can’t get you off my mind, lol, how’s it going?

      her: Lolol weird! I’m good, how are you ?

      me: haha yea… I’m relatively good I guess? I never really feel good but at least it’s not particularly worse than usual, lol.

      I’m randomly sexually frustrated again. I thought I had the urges suppressed pretty good but apparently not. Do you think there’s anything you can do to help? Sorry if this is super uncomfortable, haha…

      Then it turns weird, Lol. Yea I suck.

      • Haha, oh sweetie, yeah, I can see how that got awkward. I’m not going to bombard you with clichés because that’s about as useful as a boat in the middle of the Sahara desert, maybe you should stop trying so hard? Let the girls come to you, just be nice, a few suggestive comments here and there, flirting’s all cool, but girls make no sense (as you may have gathered) we never say what we mean, which is why when blokes are so blunt some get freaked out. I don’t know, I’m talking bullshit really, but maybe some of it can be used to your advantage 😛

        • …I don’t see how anything’s ever gonna work out for me so I guess all I can do is keep feeling sorry for myself forever, lol. I can’t really start slow because I can’t stand casual conversation. I also censor myself a lot, not in the typical way because all I say are random crazy shits, lol. Whenever I write something and I think it’s boring/stupid/not worth anyone’s time, I just delete it so I end up saying nothing most of the time because nobody can be THAT interesting all the time. For example, I just read through a bunch of your blog and wanted to comment on them but then part way through I decide that what I’m writing is stupid/pointless and I just delete it. I’m fighting myself pretty hard to not delete this comment too, lol.

          • This is going to sound really bad, so I apologise, feel free to disapprove this comment, but really I am about as good with sympathy as a rock and in my experience wallowing in self pity is effectively chilling in quick sand, the more you feel sorry for yourself the more people don’t wanna know. I guess you just have to haul your head out the sand and know you’re worth more than that.

            • Well, I don’t force it down anyone’s throat. I think my current life situation sums that up pretty well. I don’t necessarily hate my parents, but I definitely hate living with them and interacting with them. My aunt offered me to live at her house for a while. It’s very kind of her to offer me the option to do that, but I’m reluctant to take her up on her offer because I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be living much longer and I don’t want her to feel extra shitty/responsible/whatever because of the additional proximity to me.

              • Well that is remarkably negative 😛 there’s got to be something, even if it’s something seemingly insignificant, that makes life worth it.

                • Lol, yea sorry about that. I get real dark, real quickly. That’s why I don’t try having normal conversations with people. Am I really going to talk about the weather when I’ve got all these depressing thoughts in my head? lol And I know it’s depressing and not fun for other people when I babble on about my never ending depression so then I just end up not talking to people. But it’s not like I keep the depression to myself or anything; I’ve talked to all my friends about it. After a certain point, talking doesn’t do shit anymore so I might as well not make everyone else feel shitty on a regular basis.

                  Life’s pretty daft. I can’t really talk to people because I’m depressed, but I’m depressed cause I’ve got no one to talk to that makes me feel like I matter.

                  It’s not that I get zero enjoyment out of life. I just finished watching Derek and it’s pretty brilliant. It’s just that the bad far outweighs the good =\.

                  • I kinda get where you’re coming from… my best friend really struggles with depression and has suicidial phases and stuff and as her best mate it’s really hard to handle but I can generally make her laugh which is good. The thing is though whilst I make people laugh by acting like a dick I can never solve the true cause of their depression, but hey, shit happens. What’s your email address, because if I’m awake at stupid o’clock or whatever I don’t want to pick a random post of yours to comment on to grab your attention lol XD

  4. my email’s … I don’t like that it gives off the wrong first impression that I like games when it’s supposed to be for, my website and my branding for creating games.

    Assuming the root of my depression is similar to the roots of most depression, you could help your friend a lot by simply being with her 24/7. Surely she enjoys your company and doesn’t think about suicide while you guys are dicking around. Constant company is not the perfect solution, but it’s one solution. The problem is that 24/7 is a looong time and becomes very demanding and not very practical. Yeah… depression sucks….

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