SFT Podcast Episode 28 – Misery, Comedies, Sex Clarification, Etc

In the last episode, I related all physical contact to sex and I know that sounds ridiculous so I clarified that a bit in this episode… to show that I’m not absolutely crazy. I also talked about comedies and being miserable so you get a bit of everything in this episode.

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1nj6ez6tv0cprb/SFT-0028-Misery%2CComedies%2CSex-Clarification%2CEtc.mp3

Youtube: http://youtu.be/sDgeb1k-jZM

If the above link doesn’t work, you should always check here (https://tedgaming.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/where-to-download-sad-funny-truthful-podcast/) for the updated links to download the podcast. I will also provide the link to download all the episodes there and it might even have newer and better links.



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7 thoughts on “SFT Podcast Episode 28 – Misery, Comedies, Sex Clarification, Etc

  1. Did you say your mother is on anit-depressants? I have 2 aunts and 1 cousin on them. I think when immigrant Asian woman take them, they are really really depressed. People who are born here tend to get a prescription for them after just a couple months of feeling the blues.

    Being fat doesn’t seem to be such a deal breaker when trying to get a girl. Girls any age are mostly concerned about how well you can contribute and fit into the life they want at the moment. At your age you just have to appear that you are possibly going ‘somewhere’ in life. You could also try walking around with a rolled up sock in your crotch region and see how that goes.

    I feel that you see dying, similar to how I see it. Dying doesn’t seem that bad compared to living but it’s just too difficult to off yourself. Plus life isn’t that bad. The future just doesn’t seem very promising. On a positive note, you don’t know what can happen on the road ahead so sticking around for a while might be worth it.

    I was reading this thing about how people would never actually trade places with the richest people in the world cause the richest people in the world are old geezers. If anything they would trade it all for youth. But there are women out there who will be with or screw any old or/and fat guy if they have lots of money.

    And maybe prostitutes would make you happy. You just have to get one everyday..lol. I’m sure there’s $10 blowjobs in some tucked away back alley. It would be awesome cause they usually have less teeth.

    • Honestly, I don’t know for sure what my mom does, but just from overhearing, I’m 99% sure she took anti depressants a few years ago and then she tried to cut it off. There are days where she seems retardedly happy so she probably takes it every so often. I’m sure she’s been miserable but she brings it onto herself a lot of times. Unless someone’s willing to watch over her like a pet or a retard, she’ll just keep making mistakes and making her life shitty. For example, on 2 different occasions, she’s bought life insurance and cancelled them before they’re fully financed so she loses the money she’s paid. And she still wants to buy it again…

      I’ve seen fat guys finding success with girls but that requires a lot of effort and social skills which I don’t have. I’d happily marry a trophy wife if I ever get my shit together and make some money. It’s not a bad thing. Just because a girl likes you for your economical status, it doesn’t mean she can’t like other parts of you too. A person’s financial state is very much a part of who he is, just like his mood state is part of who he is and his fat state is part of who he is.

      Our views on death are fairly similar indeed. There are differences but I won’t nitpick cause it’s not important and it’ll take too long. The main difference is, as time passes, there’s less reason to be optimistic and more reasons to be pessimistic.

      I don’t think I’ll find enough happily from prostitutes, but they’ll at least get rid of sexual angst. I’m pretty sure I can be a very desirable mate to the right person. I just don’t know how they’d ever meet me since I don’t like meeting people. My best bet is to keep on creating the content, blog, podcast, games, and wait until a stalker fan girl comes along. I probably have a higher chance winning the lottery, lol.

  2. OMG….is this rubmaps for real? How can they expose such illegal activity without getting places shut down? There’s quite a few around my area..lol. It’s funny cause the podcast I’m listening to right now just mentioned it as well. You’ll like this episode. #391 or something with David Choe.

    Ya, I don’t know. Asians moms tend to go at least a little crazy. I think it’s their inability or refusal to understand western culture and their western raised children. They think they’re smarter than their kids just because they are older and think their kids are as knowledgeable as they were when they were our age.

    If you make a decent income you can get a trophy like wife from another country. Sometimes you just need a Canadian passport..haha. Meeting people is a pain in the ass if you’re not aspiring to be similar to everyone else. You have to put yourself somewhere where there’s less ‘normal’ people like a Craigslist ad looking for people to meet up who like to play with their shit.

    • My podcast listening speed is directly correlated to how much I procrastinate, lol. I’m on august 2013 now so I should be getting to 391 pretty soon. Motivation’s a bitch for me. Tek Tactical just got promised front page on newgrounds but I still don’t feel like doing shit.

      My mom’s just got a world of her own unsolvable problems that you’ll probably learn about over time from blogs and podcasts, lol.

      Do you watch Breaking Bad? I’m catching up on the last season right now. Skyler in particular, but all the characters always makes me not want to deal with other people ie in relationships. Skyler was also being a super bitch and completely ignoring Walter when Walter tries to be nice and talk to her. Total bitch move. What’s worse, I do a similar kind of shunning towards my parents. It makes me wonder if I’m being a super bitch. But then my parents will say something retarded and it’ll ease my mind knowing that I’m not the only one at fault.

      • Getting front page on Newgrounds..can that lead to bigger things? I just read a bit about it. Sounds pretty cool. Be good on the resume it would seem.

        Ya I like Breaking bad. I’m caught up to wherever Netflix is. Skyler is a cunt. Shit Ted, maybe you are a cunt too…haha

        • The game focuses on ad revenue and getting front-paged will give it lots of exposure. I can definitely be cunty to my parents, lol, but I’d like to think I’m not doing the worst thing in the world. For example, when my mom “threatens suicide” and I ignore her, that seems like a cunty move on my end. But she’s alive now, so who’s to say I didn’t do the right thing.

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