SFT Podcast Episode 29 – Crappily Explaining Racism

I crappily try to explain my view on racism.

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sntsz4nxceiymk/SFT-0029-Crappily-Explaining-Racism.mp3

Youtube: http://youtu.be/AjiiqyxIoXU

If the above link doesn’t work, you should always check here (https://tedgaming.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/where-to-download-sad-funny-truthful-podcast/) for the updated links to download the podcast. I will also provide the link to download all the episodes there and it might even have newer and better links.



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6 thoughts on “SFT Podcast Episode 29 – Crappily Explaining Racism

  1. It’s too much work to get booked for open mic for stand up? You made it sound like an easy process. Or is that you don’t think there’s much possibility that you’re going to get much joy from it even if you crush?

    I remember that episode about Chinese being bad drivers. Wasn’t it his guest who gave that theory and not Rogan? Something about people in China only looking straight ahead when they walk so when they drive they tend to do the same.

    Only the older immigrant Chinese here are bad drivers just like any older immigrant. They’re bad drivers cause they’re too nervous and paranoid when they drive. They’re also too scared to try and improve their driving skills so they end up sucking forever like my aunts and uncles who have been driving for 30 years.

    How do you know you won’t want to be having sex when you’re 80? Haha… There’s already Viagra and there will always be hookers. By then they’ll probably have virtual pussy or at least wrinkly Fleshlights on the market.

    • Getting an open mic spot isn’t too hard if you try. I just don’t see myself putting in much effort to do anything. I’m just too lazy to call places, talk to people, and then travel to it just do desperately get some shitty stage time. I probably just need someone to kick my ass to get my shit together.

      It was a guest that told Rogan about the Chinese bad driving theory. Then Rogan believes it 100% and proceeded to retell the theory to other guests.

      When I’m 80, I think I’d feel bad for the hookers for having to fuck a nasty old man. Right now, I actually don’t feel bad for hookers for fucking me at all. In fact, they’re damn lucky to have a customer like me, lol.

      • Getting an open mic spot sounds easier than a lot of things like trying to get a job, going to school. If you can’t get yourself to do that much, you are super uninspired. Unless if you don’t really want to do the stand up. But if you think you would enjoy it but you’re not willing to make a couple phone calls to get it done then you need to do something. Or I guess you don’t have to. Who am I to say really.

        • The main problem with getting an open mic is that I have to spend time and effort and transportation money just to do something that’s not worth very much. With a job, at least I get paid. I’m definitely uninspired though… I should also be blogging and podcasting more but I’m not doing much of those either….

          • I’ll send you bus fare you cheap fucking chinaman..haha. That’s my motivational speech for you.

            What difference does it make if you’re spending time at home as to on the bus and then at the open mic. You might get a groupie chick. “Oh Ted, everytime you tell a joke it makes me want to take off all my clothes.”

            • LOl that is pretty motivational. I guess I’ll try to write a set this week and see where to go from there. I think that’s gonna be hard enough already cause I haven’t been feeling very funny lately.

              Oh btw, I’m on episode 387 for the JRE already.

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