Being Shallow

It’s bad to be shallow. But taking someone’s looks and money into consideration isn’t shallow. It’s only shallow when those material things are the only things that matter. I look at the full person, including material things. Looks and wealth are not the most important things, they’re like bonuses. Just because I’m not shallow, it doesn’t mean I have to pretend like those things don’t exist. This is coming from a person who has neither looks nor money. I know I definitely have no money. I’d like to think I have some looks but it’s never gotten me anywhere so it can’t be that good. I don’t know what the point of this post is. I just wanted to write something. It’s not an angry response rant from somebody calling me shallow. It’s just me being bored and generating conversations in my head. I also find myself secretly hating on people a lot….

2 thoughts on “Being Shallow

  1. Being shallow is about as bad as being unemployed or doing drugs. I think being shallow is in our DNA and just given a bad name by society. I bet that good looking, rich, shallow dickhead loves his life. I think most of the time when someone accuses someone else of being shallow in a negative manner, they are just being haters cause they don’t have the option to be shallow. Many people don’t seem shallow but that’s because they don’t have the option to be.

    • I think drug users is a good comparison to shallow people. There are horrible drug users and it gives a bad rep to drugs. However, there are also decent drug users who aren’t crazy criminals but they get lumped into the same group.

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