Parent Children Relationship

There are people out there who genuinely believe that parents should be parents and they’re not the child’s friends. I think that’s stupid. I hope it’s not true but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true for most people because most people are genetically stupid. It’s definitely easier to ensure a child doesn’t get spoiled by playing the role of a “bad guy”, but there has to be a better way. A lot of miserable and depressed people have no friends. Most of them still have parents. Wouldn’t their lives be much better if they had 1 friend? Also, while you’re friends with someone, you’re with them a lot more and you’ll have more opportunities to parent them. If anything, it just seems like more parents aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to do it right.

Without friendship, how can two people truly love one another? Most people I see seem to be playing the role of a good child or a good parent. They’re acting. They’re pretending. There’s no genuine relationship there. I’m not saying any of these people are assholes or anything. They truly want to be good parents and good children. But they’re not. The best they can do is pretend to be the thing they want to be.

I’ve been living at my aunt’s house lately and this whole acting thing is becoming more apparent to me. It’s not like I never noticed it before, but I just decided to write about it now. Without writing out everyone’s life stories, my uncle’s had cancer for years now and is very sickly and one of his daughters tries to be a really good daughter. She tries to do things for him like helping him walk and stuff. Let’s look at the walking. She holds him while he walks, which is a very good girl thing to do. Unlike some white families, Chinese families tend to have very little physical contact. She obviously doesn’t want to be touching him. Not because he’s sick or germy or anything. Touching’s just naturally a little uncomfortable to us because it feels alien. She wants to help and she wants to show that she wants to help, but the awkward touching probably does more harm than good. That’s not true. It’s probably not doing any harm, but it’s not doing much good either is my point.

She tends to him very well. An excellence performance indeed. But at the end of the day, how much does she actually care? My uncle spends the other 23 ½ hours sitting by himself with no one to talk to. Because they’re not friends, they cannot carry out prolonged conversations. She’ll try to include him when she talks about her day or something, but it’s not a conversation. I’ve seen my uncle talk to other people. It’s not like he doesn’t have the energy to talk. It does exhaust him a little to make sounds, but it’s at least more enjoyable than slowly dying. But he doesn’t talk much with his family, because they’re not friends, because it’s not worth the energy.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there’s genuine love there. If love means leaving the guy alone for most of his day and watching him die slowly, then I don’t want any part in that kind of love. I want more than that. If I ever have a child, I’ll make sure to do a better job. If I end up raising a fucked up criminal for a child, at least I’ll be friends with him/her.

16 thoughts on “Parent Children Relationship

  1. I think a lot of parents just don’t know how to be good parents. You’re right they should concentrate more on being a good friend. It’s messed how you need degrees and certifications to work certain jobs but there’s no requirement to bring a person into this world.

  2. Yes it does sound like a Joe Rogan rant….hahaha. “It’s always about the one’s and zero’s. What we need to do is get this world on mushrooms and become one consciousness. It can happen. Why the fuck not? People think that..the idea.. that we all have to go to our jobs and sit in a cubicle all day is what life’s all about. It’s not. That’s stupid. You don’t have to do that. Just start working on the life you want today.”

    • Have you ever done a Joe Rogan rant on someone? I didn’t do a rant, but I regurgitated a Joe Rogan idea once and I wasn’t proud of it. I was talking about how I don’t like language because it’s such an imperfect way of communication. Because language is flawed, communication is flawed. Then I was asked what might be a replacement and I said the Joe Rogan possibility of mind reading, no privacy crap in future technology.

      • I probably have..haha. I was listening to that podcast everyday for a while. Right now I’m on #393 with Tom Segura. It’s a pretty entertaining one. Talks about Rogan totally goes off about technology in the future and thinks anyone is stupid if they don’t believe certain technologies will for sure happen.

        • Oh I finally passed you, lol. I slowed down a bit but it’s still apparently faster than you. I was thrown off that they call him “Tommy Bunz(sp)” Also, the first few times I heard his name, I keep hearing “Tommy’s a girl ah”. lol. I’m on 396 right now and I like this one quite a bit.

        • It used to feel really gay every time Joe Rogan ends the podcast with the kiss but now it seems I’ve gotten used to that. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

                • Tsk tsk. Shouldn’t text and drive.

                  Glad to hear that my podcast isn’t bad. I’ve been doing them lately cause Nicky tells me I’ve got a sexy accent. It sounds so absurd to me, that it almost feels like a prank or super sarcastic remark, lol. But hey, it’s motivating me to record some more so that’s good. As little motivation as I have in life right now, it’s amazing the lengths I’ll still go to for girls, even when we’re oceans apart, lol. Girls have waaay too much power… We can only hope that they don’t use it for evil.

                  • They will use it for evil..haha. Tsk tsk shouldn’t assume I was driving. I am sitting in a parking lot listening to the podcast. Do you find a lot of the references on JRE is too long ago for you? I was thinking how if I was born in your generation that I wouldn’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

                    • ahh, sitting in parking lot is better. Without knowing any more detail, it sounds kinda stalkery though. But I think I’m just projecting myself here, lol.

                      I don’t know many references of my own generation either so I’m used to picking up on detail and putting the story together, or not caring if there’s not enough info. If anything, it’s good that I don’t know the references because I find it educational to learn of references.

                    • It should be old reference for you too cause you ain’t over 40, lol. I’m used to it and I almost like it, especially when it’s comedy related. I’ve listened to enough podcasts and heard people honour ancient comics and I feel like I’m learning something and getting their perspective in a way that I wouldn’t get if I did objective research.

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