Dumb Sex Drive

I hate being horny. Correction, I hate being horny with no one to fuck. And given that I’ve never had anyone to fuck, I hate being horny. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been providing my body with the pussies that it desperately desires and it’s returning the favor by making me super depressed.

…I was going to write more and describe a “sex” dream I had but I don’t feel like doing shit anymore. I’ll just briefly summarize that in the dream, I was Ted from How I Met Your Mother about to sexually engage Lily. I thought it was weird that in my dream, I was someone with the same name as me, but not actually me.

8 thoughts on “Dumb Sex Drive

        • I’ve only tried once and only dudes showed up, lol. I didn’t get high at all though. I’d be willing to try again, I’m not ethically against it or anything, but it seems like a lot of effort to get it. I’ve been getting too used to doing nothing, almost unbelievable how little I’ve been doing, lol.

          • Yeah, but its the effort is totally worth it!
            I have been doing nothing since November 2012. 😀
            Its illegal in sweden, so I travelled to Amsterdam twice and had been stoned for 5 days.

            And you cant beat me in doing nothing. 😀
            I literally did nothing since November 2012.

            • I would love to do nothing if I didn’t have to, but unfortunately, I have to do shit, or eventually do shit.

              Did you do nothing productive or did you do nothing? There’s a difference. You seem too happy to be doing nothing. I think I’m still beating you in that area, lol.

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