Tek Tactical Guide

For non-gamers, this might be boring for you. This post is a guide for Tek Tactical, a game I just recently published. Maybe this guide might intrigue you to try the game out. The main place to play Tek Tactical is on newgrounds.

This is the link to the old videos that roughly goes over how to access each menu.



Player Stats Menu

More Stats Menu

Equipment Menu

Skill Menu

Weapon Attachment Menu (Customize)

Weapon Fusion Menu

Achievement Menu

Shop Menu (Buy)

Shop Menu (Sell)

Stock Market Menu

Bank Menu

Setting Menu




There are many menus in this game. I will go over each one of them. You don’t need to learn all the menus all at once. You can survive several stages without dabbling in the menus at all.

Player Stats Menu

You don’t really do anything in this menu. It’s just a place for you to view your stats. Let me go over the effects of the 4 main stats:

Strength – Increases your attack power and weight capacity. It also moderately increases max hp and critical damage.

Endurance – Increases max hp and defense by a lot. Also moderately increases weight capacity.

Agility – Increases your character’s movement speed and hp regeneration speed. Moderately increases item manget range.

Luck – Increases every stat by a bit and also increases item drop rate and the number of bullets you pick up. Increases item magnet range by a lot.

Whenever you level up, you gain one of every stat and 2 free stat points for you to distribute. All builds have their advantages but endurance is generally the best stat. It’s also good to note that the higher a stat, the higher the effect it grants. For example, gaining 1 strength from 900 strength to 901 strength gives you greater effects than 20 strength to 21 strength.

More Stats Menu

You access this menu from the button at the top of the player stats menu. There’s not much to explain here. It’s a menu for you to see all the game statistics so you have an idea of what the game keeps track of for you to earn achievements and more experience for your skills.

Equipment Menu

This is one of the most important menus in the game. The best way to get stronger is to equip the awesome loots you find from killing the enemies. Near the top of the menu, you choose what type of equipment you want to change, and then the window will show you what you can choose from.

w1, w2, w3, w4 are primary weapon slots. You only start off with w1 and w2 and you’ll unlock the other two as you progress the game.

t1 is your grenade slot. The t stands for throw.

t2 is your melee slot. You throw your melee weapons in this game.

r1, r2, r3, r4 are your ring slots. Rings give you great stats boosts so be sure to equip your rings. You unlock more skill slots as you earn more achievements. You can view the achievement menu to see the requirement and rewards for all the achievements.

head slot is for you to equip special heads that you can purchase in the shop with ad credits. Heads change the appearance of your character and also affects your stats.

body slot is for you to equip special bodies that you can purchase (blah blah blah, just like the heads).

Skill Menu

You can access the skill menu by clicking the “switch to skills” button at the top of the equipment menu. Skills grant you excellent passive effects and can be leveled up infinitely. The more you use your skills, the more skill experience you get and the more bonus money you’ll get. Some of the later skills grant incredible powers and completely change the way you play the game.

Weapon Attachment Menu

This is where to apply attachments to your weapons. You access this menu by click the “customize” button at the bottom of the screen. First you choose your weapon. Your w1 weapon is selected for you by default. Then on the right side, you select the attachment slot you want to apply. When you hover over each section, it’ll show you whether or not you have attachments to use. Then you click it and select the attachment to power up your weapons. This explanation felt unnecessary, lol.

Weapon Fusion Menu

If you have two or more of the same weapon, you can fuse them together to make even stronger weapons. You access the fusion menu by clicking the “wpn fusion” button at the top of the weapon attachment/customize menu. The closer the weapon’s stats, the better the match rate and the resulting weapon will be stronger. If you try to fuse two weapons that have wildly different stats, you might end up with a weaker weapon. The more weapons you fuse, the higher your fusion level will be. The higher your fusion level, the greater stat boosts your fused weapons will get. Keep on fusing and create the strongest weapon ever!

Achievement Menu

This menu lets you see the requirements and rewards for all 130 of the achievements. I also included some jokes and other quirky musings in the descriptions to keep things interesting.

Shop Menu (Buy)

This is where you can buy all sorts of things to help you in your survival against endless waves of enemies. One of the most important thing is ammunitions. Without that, your fights will become much more difficult. You can also buy “no ads” to remove interlevel ads. These cost ad credits. You can buy ad credits with money. You can buy money with ad credits, but the conversion rate is terrible so you probably never want to do that. You can buy herbs that boosts your stats. You can buy weapons, attachments, rings, and custom heads and body parts to equip. You can also buy more difficulty settings to personalize how the game plays.

The more money you spend, the more your shop level will rise. Higher shop levels will have shops with more items for you to buy. The shops will even have more herbs!

Shop Menu (Sell)

You access this by clicking the “buy ←→ sell” button at the top of the shop menu. You can sell everything you don’t need here. Checking the “sell max” checkbox allows you to sell ammo easier. Clicking “sell all” will sell everything you’re not equipping but it won’t sell any of your ammunition. The higher your shop level, the more money you get back when you sell stuff. It goes without saying that you can never get more than what the item’s worth.

Stock Market Menu

This is one of the best ways to earn more money in the game. You check out the values of each gem and decide which one you want to buy. You would want to buy low and sell high. Good luck with that. After a while, you’ll gain the ability to sometimes see what the future stock values will be and then it’ll almost feel like cheating.

Bank Menu

You can access the bank menu by clicking on the “switch to bank” button at the top of the stock market menu. The bank is where you’ll find more ways to earn money. If buying stocks is too random for you, you can buy bonds which give you good interest rates but it’ll lock down your money for a certain number of stages. The bonds that lock your money down for more stages will have higher interest rates. When you earn money from the bank, you’ll raise your bank level which is give you more bond options to choose from and increase the daily interest rate for your unused money.

Setting Menu

You can adjust the volume here, turn off gore mode if you don’t like seeing blood and flying body parts from explosion, turn off the “headshot” and “critical hit” texts, and access a few other menus. The ad settings menu lets you choose how frequently you see ads. The more ads you choose to see, the more ad credits it’ll reward you. You can change all the game’s buttons from the key config menu. The difficulty adjusting menu is the same as the one you see before you begin the next stage. Higher difficulty ratings will give you more money and more experience so you should try to play the game as hard as you can handle.


There aren’t many tips for this game. Every weapon can become super strong and you should use them all in  order to get all the achievements. Achievement rewards can make you pretty strong.

Toggle Trick

Sometimes, you might want to toggle a key. There’s a trick to doing that. First you hold down the key, then you click outside the flash game window to unfocus it. Let go of the key. Then click the flash game window again and the key will be “toggled”. Press the key again to untoggle it.

That’s pretty much it for now. Let me know if you want me to elaborate or anything else.

10 thoughts on “Tek Tactical Guide

  1. Hey man, nice work ! I know u prob put some work on those vids, but this is way better.

    Just some updates on the game:
    – im almost finishing hard mode, but the performance is getting pretty bad now, probably my fault (700% spawn and foe army). Any ideas on how to get it a little better without decreasing the dificulty multiplyer ?
    – loved the end stage, surprised me. I didnt even realized i was at last one until i started it and was like wow
    – those achievs take really long hahaha
    – i have some questions on the skills. Some are easy to know how to lvl them up, but others i dont get it
    – sometimes it happans like the equip bug, but with any menu and f5 solves it, so no big deal, just in case u might know what it is.

    thats it for now, sorry for the big comment.
    Hoping u can make that Code Geass game (some awesome mechs i hope)

    • Hey, it’s cool that you liked the surprise of the last stage. Some dude originally liked the game 5/5 but once he encountered that last stage, he HATED the game and changed it to 2/5 Lol.

      In option, you can turn off the headshot text and hp bar and it’ll help performance a LITTLE bit. Fullscreen mode will also lower performance so if it starts to lag, I guess it better to play smoother without fullscreen. Other than fullscreen, check if your browser is enlarging or making the game window smaller. I don’t know how to set it back to default size, but at default size, the character models should have no pixelation and no jagged edges.

      When I feel less lazy, I might include a list of skills and what you need to do to level them up. In the meantime, which skills do you need help with and I can answer those first.

      If you know more about menu bugs and stuff, let me know so I can fix them. At least it’s good to know that f5 fixes them.

      I almost forgot about wanting to make that Code Geass game lol. I got involved in another project so I probably won’t be making the Code Geass game for a little while. Maybe I need to rewatch it and get remotivated again, lol.

  2. Fantastic job on this game. I can honestly say this will entertain for me years to come xD Now why there isnt a single triple aaa title that actually plays as fun as this does in the same style, I dont know~ Also, Just thought i would let you know that there is a bug where if you level off killing something as you die, it kinda.. breaks the game xD

      • I simply speak the truth, even if it is my perception of the truth~ I willingly admit that the fact that bullets only go where you shoot and dont have a whole “trajectory” and all annoyed me at first but i thought about and people would just take advantage of it then, especially if you could shoot offscreen. So it made more sense to have it the way it is and made it far more of a challenge. And like the only game i feel like comparing this to is borderlands cause its like ya never know what youre gonna get. If only borderlands had a super awesome fusion system and all. The skills almost feel like the whole proficiencies deal from the first borderlands which was totallllllly awesome. The ad credits was honestly the best way ive ever seen ads being pulled into a game and making them actually serve a purpose and the gameplay in general is just amazing. Ive no idea if this game if it was taken to like a full 3d concept would survive or not but it is absolutely something that SOMEONE should have at least tried to do by now. Thank you for creating an awesome game that will just be a constant enjoyment for me c:

  3. Awesome game, I can’t stop playing it!
    In the achievement where you can see gem prices in the future, I think maybe some of the text is cut off or something? It says
    “Allows you to see __ stages into the future, __ -”
    and that’s it. Is there supposed to be more text there? If not, what does the number at the end mean?

    • The number at the end is supposed to be the % chance that you get to see the future stock prices. I think the first one you unlock is around 10% and when you get the last one it goes up to around 40%. Glad you’re enjoying the game =)

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