Annoying Non Problem Solver

There is someone I hear talking a lot these days and that person is a very annoying non problem solver. If there’s a discussion on how to approach a problem within that person’s vicinity, that person will butt in with a solution, but that person will say it in an annoyed tone. The problem is, it’s not a real solution. Even more of a problem, that person shuts down discussion of the problem. Not that I discuss thing with people because I already think everything through way ahead of time, but it stops me from explaining. The biggest problem of all is that the person sounds too sure of the non solution and it causes unwise people to actually believe it or at least not refute that person out of respect. I’m not invested enough to argue with that person. There’s no point in arguing with people who don’t listen. No one listens to me.

The other problem with these kinds of people is that they’re all talk. If the solution is so simple, why don’t they do that job themselves, especially when they should’ve been the ones doing it to begin with. …I feel like I’m talking about something very specific and I’m futilely trying to generalize it…

I wonder what I’m supposed to do when I encounter people like these. Am I supposed to be confrontational and make enemies out of them? I could win the argument easily. I’d just tell them to do it themselves if it’s so simple and if they say yes, I’ll be lifted of responsibilities I didn’t want to begin with. If they say no, I won’t even let them justify it by telling them to shut the fuck up then.

…I don’t do that because I avoid conflict. I avoid it so much to the point that I’ll be leaving the country basically just to avoid everyone. That doesn’t seem like the right thing to be doing either…

4 thoughts on “Annoying Non Problem Solver

  1. People generally don’t submit to losing an argument even if they get stumped. Leaving the country sounds like a great idea. I will donate $1 to your leaving the country fund.

    • yea, but it’ll still feel great to tell a bitchy person to shut the fuck up, lol. If your donation is anything like paying for my bus fare to do stand up, then that’ll probably mean I won’t follow through to leave the country, which makes my foreseeable future very depressing.

      • If you can a ticket and a free place to stay then it’s very possible to get out of the country for a while. I’ve seen some broke people staying in hostels. They just eat packaged noodles and hang out with other broke travellers. But having a bit of money to spend everyday is much better. I guess you could get a job and save or if Tek pays out you’re all good.

        • If I’m gonna play the role of a broke traveler, I might as well do it in Toronto so that if I regret it, it’ll be easier to go back, lol. Tek doesn’t look like it’s gonna pay that good. Roughly $5 a day, pretty consistent for over a month already. There’s still a couple hundred here and there I’m waiting to come in from Tek but again, not a lot at all. Quite a bit less than everyone expected. Once I find some motivation, I guess I’ll save up a couple thousand and get the hell outta here.

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