Pedophiles Must Have Small Penises

Having small genitalia is practically a criterion for being a pedophile. A pedophile with a massive dong wouldn’t be anatomically compatible with children. It would be like trying to stick a penis into a pencil sharpener. Hazards aside, it simply wouldn’t fit. I wonder if the children being small is part of the appeal of pedophillia. To a tiny person, even a smaller-than-average penis would appear large. It’s a matter of perspective. Maybe there would be less pedophiles if there were more midgets.

What about female pedophiles? Do they even exist? They’re like fictional creatures. If they do exist, they’re probably more messed up than their male counterparts. Men just want to stick their penis in anything. But for a woman pedophile, it sounds like it’s a lot more work than it’s worth. With the advances in female sex toys, I don’t even know why women bother with men at all, let alone little boys. Assuming there are woman pedophiles, they’ve got to have tiny vaginas too. Otherwise, it would be like sticking a pencil in a swimming pool. There’s no point

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