Why Men Pee In The Shower And Women Don’t


It’s very normal for men to pee in the shower and it’s also very normal for women to be disgusted by it. But why are women so disgusted by it? Is it because they’re more hygienic? Nope. I don’t know why but I spent some time thinking about this and I now have the answer.

Peeing in the shower is very hygienic… for men. If anything, it’s even cleaner than using a toilet. It also takes less effort because you don’t have to hold down your pants or aim as much. There’s no reason not to do it. For women, however, peeing in the shower is very different. Due to the location of their urinary organ, if they simply start peeing while they’re showering, the urine will go all over their leg and feet. If a woman wanted to pee in the shower without peeing on herself, she would have to put a foot up against a wall and pee sideways and that’s just not practical.

There are probably men out there who pee messily in the shower but most of the time, it’s fine, so women shouldn’t judge men so harshly for doing it. I have solved the mystery of different gender perception of peeing in the shower. Why I decided to think about peeing in the shower with a vagina is the new mystery I shall someday solve.

4 thoughts on “Why Men Pee In The Shower And Women Don’t

  1. I don’t understand. Why on earth wouldn’t a woman pee in the shower, and why would a woman care if a man did? It’s only pee for god’s sakes, people drink it in survival situations. Who would ever know anyway? Do they announce it? ‘Honnneeeyy, I’m pissing in the shower now hahaha!!!’ The only reason I can see for either sex being ‘disgusted’ by peeing in the shower would be if you were just standing in there like a dope without the water running.

    Please, men, pee in the shower. That’s one pee less I have to wipe up from the seat, the sides of the bowl, and the drips on the floor. Trust me, I’m a housecleaner. Seriously, if you know women who are disgusted by this, how are they ever going to deal with their own shitty, pissy babies when they have them?

    Hey Ted, welcome back!

    • Thanks for the welcoming.

      I don’t think I’ve ever actually discussed peeing in the shower with a real woman so maybe they generally don’t mind it as much as I might expect them to from media portrayals.

      Although I don’t think I’ve ever done it, I would argue that peeing in the shower like a dope without the water running is still good as long as you “flush” afterwards.

  2. Yeah—in idiot TV shows like sitcoms, they always make women fragile, easily-shocked little crybabies. Much more realistic are women as actual people. Hard to imagine some hard-core female cop get all whiny about some pee, right?

    I’m now reminded of the many horror/slasher-type movies I’ve watched where a group of college kids are going to a cabin in the woods to party. A girl always has to pee and refuses to go on the side of the road, so she bugs the male driver to find a gas station. Then they get lost and their well-deserved nightmare begins! This perpetuates the woman-as-brat myth.

    Yup I agree. A shower has running water and a drain—perfect for fluids.

    Haha you touched a nerve with me—the portrayal of western women in modern culture—conformist, spoiled, petty, irrational, etc. Their number-one concerns are their biological clocks, engagement rings, weddings, getting mad because their boyfriend didn’t remember some anniversary…like that. These sure aren’t the women I know!

  3. I keep jumping back and forth between how often women are “girly” and when they aren’t. Every time I start thinking of them as girly, some strong women show up. And then I start thinking of them like men, and then there are super girlt stereotypical girls showing up and telling me “girls are supposed to be” this and that. I guess there are just plenty of both kinds.

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