Experiencing New Things

I like to experience new things. I was thinking about that concept the other day on a micro level. A specific example would be TV shows. As much as I enjoy rewatching shows that I love, I much rather choose to watch shows I haven’t watched yet in hopes to experience a wider variety… of tv shows. The desire to try new versions of things applies to pretty much everything: food, activities, etc. But then I was thinking about cheating on someone and how that’s along the same lines of wanting to experience more new things. Since cheating is obviously bad, it made me wonder whether or not it would be better to not desire new things that much. Of course, things are compartmentalized and I can want to try new things without necessarily wanting to try new partners and cheating. But there’s still a connection there.


I should probably be the last person to worry about this because I don’t have a partner to cheat with, or cheat on.

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