Hiccupping Drunk

I hate it when I have hiccups while drunk because it’s like I’m a cartoon character of a drunk person. I wonder if there are any direct correlations.

Damn, I’m making some pretty loud hiccups. I hope I don’t wake anyone.


I left the house just now, planning to play on the swings a little. As I got near the school playground, I saw that it was very dark and walked back home. I currently still believe I’m making sensible decisions all around but it probably just seems like pure drunk behaviour to most people.

I’m starting to feel less drunk so I guess I won’t be posting all this frequent crap anymore.

I kinda want to write a few pieces of code to prove that I can still code while drunk but I’m severely lacking motivation for that. I was hoping my last game will be released for the weekend but it seems like the publishing won’t be finalized until next week. If I don’t post anything else, I guess I’ll be posting in a few days to futilely attempt to promote the game.

One thought on “Hiccupping Drunk

  1. P.S. I didn’t drink last night. I wrote this during one of the other times I was drinking but apparently it was saved as a draft and I forgot to post it.

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