Drunk Once Again

This time I’m drinking completely alone and in the afternoon. Signs of alcoholism? Maybe. The thing is though, I’m not an aggressive drunk. I’m also much more sociable when I’m drunk. I’m normally pretty annoyed and short with my parents but when I’m drunk, I’m a bit more chatty with them. Alcoholism is obviously a bad thing in the long term. But in the short term, it might actually be a good thing for me. We’ll see. Realistically, I’m probably developing a problem right now, lol. Feel free to reach out to me. I could use the extra human contact.

6 thoughts on “Drunk Once Again

  1. Ted, please don’t turn into an alcoholic, I’d be much more uncomfortable talking to you if you did, for no other reason than how would I know when you’re talking and when the vodka is? 😛

    • Haha yeah I’m regretting the drinking already. I think I might get my first vomits and hangover in a while. I’m trying to drink more water now to prevent it. Even though I’m a nice and non-aggressive drunk and it was so much eaiser to hang out with my parents while drunk, I should probably refrain from developing a drinking problem.

      Even though I asked for people to reach out, I’m really happy to see your response =)

  2. Well you can’t become an alcoholic overnight, you have to persevere for years. And like you mentioned before, it’s expensive, unless you want to go ghetto with MD 20/20 or Thunderbird (make sure you leave it in the brown bag for full effect).

    But didn’t I read that your parents don’t like your new job? So that means you now have a job? That’s great, especially if you don’t spend your paycheck on cheap liquor!

    • Most of my last few blog entries were written drunk so I don’t remember how much I talked about the job but yeah, it sounds like me to be complaining about my parents not supporting it. It’s a sales job. I’m liking it less and less too and just yesterday I got into a government funded paid training program for CNC Machinist. I stumbled upon through crazy luck. There were tests to qualify for it and I aced that shit. So it seems that’s what I’ll be doing soon.

      I guess it’s good that I’m finally getting off my ass to work these days. Now that I think about it, I really haven’t blogged in quite a while so there’s a bunch of other stuff that you wouldn’t know about yet. I’m kinda lazy to write about it and I’m also worried about whether there might be repercussions for writing them if certain people read it.

  3. I saw it in one of your tweets, a mysterious little sentence about your parents not supporting your work. So I thought, marijuana trimmer? Meth lab worker? It must be something disreputable if they didn’t approve. Sales, hmm. I’d thought they’d be happy you’re working.

    But OMG CNC that is so awesome if you can get into that! Wow good luck! I want a real job so bad but there aren’t any here unless it’s retail, restaurant, or Engineering Specialist III must-have-top-secret-clearance at the army base. So I stick with my (at least two) part-time jobs.

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