My Favorite Tweets Part 2

More tweets by me, @tedgaming_ted:


People should know that they can say things so #stupid that it automatically forfeits the value of their #opinion.


Last night I was thinking that I should start #blogging daily, for consistency or whatnot. Then I thought: “Nah, I’m too #lazy for that.”


…super #anal #clean… … …I don’t think anyone’s #anus is that clean.


Just noticed that my last tweet was on my #birthday and it was about #porn


Somehow, #Godzilla can be in the middle of the ocean and still only be waist-deep in water.


I never #drive when I’m #drunk. Not that I #remember anyway.


I took a #shit, finished, stood up, #sneezed, and found a drop of #pee on the floor. Glad it was pee and not the other thing. #sneeze #poo


I’m half ambidextrous.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Tweets Part 2

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