Random Words And… Naruto?

Here I am doing my 5 random word thing again. I just woke up from a nap and had to decide whether I really wanted to keep writing. It’s been working out so far but I always have a fear that I might end up writing something boring. I also didn’t feel the urge to write because I don’t know anyone who’s going to read it for sure. I crave feedback and I haven’t been getting any. I got some “likes” but I never know if those people actually read it or not. I guess I’m really needy that way. I don’t think I’m needy in the traditional sense though because I don’t demand people to give me their attention. I would like people’s attention, but if they don’t feel inclined to give it to me, I don’t force it. And then I go down a rabbit hole. If no one cares, then why bother? That’s pretty much what life feels like to me. Anyway, that’s enough bumming around. I’ll get right on to the 5 words.


The first word is sublunary. I had no idea what that word was at first but after looking up the definition, I realized it was sub – lunar, describing things that are beneath the moon or between Earth and the moon. Another definition is worldly or mundane. That reminds me of a book on nihilism I read dozens of moons ago. The book starts off describing what nihilism is, which is basically the mindset that “nothing matters”. The writer then proceeded to write about the two meanings of “nothing matters”. One meaning being that everything is unimportant, and the other meaning that everything matters, even nothing. I felt the second definition was unnecessary because he didn’t lead it into any other ideas. It was just a pointless non sequitur. That’s when I realized that: “Oh, just because someone wrote a book, it doesn’t mean the book is worth reading. It could very well be a dumbass writing nonsense.” I proceeded to read the rest of the book so I don’t know who’s the dumber ass here. I’m not sure if it was this book or another one I read that half way through the book it became all about the writer’s experience working with mentally challenged people and how their emotions and expressions are more pure because they lack the filters and inhibitions that normal people have. I admit that that’s pretty insightful but it didn’t need to be repeated over and over again for half a book without adding anything new to it. I just summed it all up in one sentence. It’s more of a tweet than a book.


Next word is cooperator. That’s a weird word to look at it. I’m going to do that semantic defining thing I just shamed the other writer for doing. If you look at the root word as co-operate, then cooperator is someone who’s working with you. If you look at the root word as operator, then a cooperator is someone… who is… working… with you… … I guess it means the same thing either way. And then you can also look at the root word as cooper, someone who fixes things, and you add -ator behind it to make it sound cooler, like terminator. Or you can look at the root word as coop, and a cooperator is a lame person who is obsessed with coops and tries to give himself a cool nickname. Or you can look at it as “rat”… or “per rate”… or… okay I’ll shut up now.


The next word is noninstrumentalistic. Especially just coming off of analyzing a word to death, this word is hilarious. Two suffixes and one prefix. Really? There is absolutely no situation, ever, that calls for using that word. “Useless” and “unnecessary” are much better replacements. It’s an autological word – a word that contains the properties it’s describing. I had to look up “autological” and I’m glad I did. That’s a nice word to know. So I guess this useless word did some good after all.


Next word is procyon which is…. the name of a star…. I don’t have anything to say about stars. I could jump into a tangent about Neil Degrasse Tyson or rant about how dumb horoscopes are. I wasn’t going to actually write anything but I guess I can write a Dr. Tyson quote here. He’s a very quotable man. I believe he’s the one credited for writing: “we spend the first year of a child’s life teaching it to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There’s something wrong there.”


Last word is cakra which is an alternate spelling for chakra which reminds me of Naruto. I could either read more about chakra and form some interesting thoughts on that, or I can talk about Naruto. I’m going to talk about Naruto. I like the show a lot but one of the over-arcing plots/themes always annoyed me. I guess I should say spoiler alert but it doesn’t matter. Don’t be obsessive about unspoiling yourself. The first hundred episodes or so is about Naruto being a weak obnoxious dummy who wants to earn people’s respect. Naruto has hidden super strength and that eventually earns him some respect, even from Sasuke, his talented rival / teammate. Then Sasuke gets captured by some evil bad guys but he wants to be there because they can grant him immense strength, at the cost of his humanity. Actually, now that I think about it, it wasn’t like a deal with the devil or anything and he didn’t need to lose his humanity. Whatever, that doesn’t matter. And then the next 500 episodes is about Naruto trying to save Sasuke because they’re “friends”. The “friends” part is what annoys me. They were not friends. They were friends enough for him to try to save him for maybe 100 episodes, but not for the entire fucking series and all the shit he goes through. Every time Naruto goes through hard times and gives a speech about how he needs to save his friend, I get disconnected from the show. He might as well cry for a pebble falling off a cliff. His empathy with all other characters is within reasonable levels but for some reason he goes crazy over Sasuke. I guess I would consider myself a clingy person and I don’t even cling to girls like Naruto clings to Sasuke. Maybe the subtext is that Naruto is in crazy-homosexual-teenage-horny love with Sasuke. That would explain his lack of interest in Hinata and his overcompensating crush on Sakura and then not feeling anything when Sakura confessed to him. Oh wow, I think I just discovered something about Naruto.

4 thoughts on “Random Words And… Naruto?

  1. It’s funny that I recognized the word procyon. There is an episode of Burn Notice where this schizophrenic guy claims that the bad guys are from procyon A. I figured the writers just made the name up, I had no idea there was an actual word procyon. Well, now I know.

    • Wow it’s pretty amazing that you recognized that word, especially hearing it and then seeing it. I think there were many words like that for me but I don’t realize it was the same word until it comes up many more times.

      Oh, and thanks for commenting =)

  2. I think I found a new favorite word with noninstrumemtalistic. If for no other reason than its utter lack of purpose. That, and it sounds like a word that’ll make me sound smart without actually having to become smart…I’m way to lazy for all that.

    • Haha, but you need to make sure you can say it properly. Otherwise, it wouldn’t come out sounding very smart. Every time I say that word out loud, I have to pause a little in the middle.

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