Never Not Nappy

Not many pre thoughts this time. I was playing a new music game at a friend’s house and decided to buy the controller for the game, pop n music or something. It was a little pricey but whatever, it’s just money. So now I’m going to wait for some fancy controller to ship. It’ll probably take a while though since it’s the holidays so that sucks.


Okay, first word is cornuting. I think this word actually means horny, not in the sexual sense. I was wondering why horny means sexually excited and decided to look up the etymology of it. It’s pretty much the exact reason you would guess, because an erected penis looks kind of like a horn. The definition of cornuting also makes mention of cuckolds which is a kind of bird. I thought that word looked familiar. I’ve heard about cuckolding where a guy watches his wife bang another man or something. Apparently, it’s the same word and is derived from that same bird. It would appear that people were really obsessed with this bird and naming sex things after it.


Next word is grandelle which is a yarn ball consisting of two different coloured strings. The only yarn ball story I can think of is that when I was kid and when I was sick, I used to have this nightmare dream where a yarn ball rolls back and forth across the room and keeps getting bigger and bigger each time it rolls “off screen”. I have no idea why that’s such a scary dream. I wasn’t scared of it getting bigger or its supernatural ability to move on its own. There was nothing about it that was scary, even within the dream. It’s more like I feel the fear and the yarn ball just happens to be there doing its thing. I’ve only had that dream a couple of times and I haven’t gotten sick dreams for the past decade or so. I guess that makes sense since I haven’t gotten sick during that time. Speaking of nightmares, I haven’t had them in a while but a recurring one starts with me being in a toilet stall with someone, and I have no idea why I don’t question that in the dream. The other person is usually a child or someone I would consider weak and I eventually get into a fight with him and need to punch him. However, I keep punching him in the face and it doesn’t hurt him at all. The feeling of powerlessness then becomes scary and that’s when the dream becomes a nightmare. Being in a toilet stall with another dude is apparently not scary for me in my dreams.


The next word is colza. It means rape. I did not see that coming at all. It sounds like a pretty cool word but I guess it isn’t cool at all. I mean, it sounds like cold ‘za, like cold pizza. I guess I should never say cold ‘za. I should also never say ‘za. Colza oil is apparently some kind of oil that’s used to lubricate machines so we can start to see the dots connecting there. A rapist using lubricant sounds like a polite rapist. Still a rapist though. He’s going to scar you for life, but he makes sure you don’t get any tissue tears while he does it.


Next word is cowpea, a kind of pea…. What’s with the animal peas? First there’s chickpeas, which I still don’t really know what that is, and now there’s cowpeas. They really shouldn’t put an animal name in front of pea because it sounds too much like pee. It just doesn’t sound right. “Hey guys, I’m gonna have cowpea for dinner. I’m going to mix some cowpea with my veggies.” Cow pee also reminds me of Cao Pi, a Dynasty Warriors character. And that’s reminding me of Samurai Warriors and making me wonder why I’m not playing my ps4 instead of writing about pee.


Last word is thanatotic, with the root word Thanatos which is a Greek personification of death. I think that name came up in Persona 3. I just tried saying thanatotic out loud a few times and it sounds too chipper to mean death. It might also be because I have high pitched Hatsune Miku music playing in the background. I don’t want to start writing about depressing stuff so let’s see where I can steer it. Persona 3 has a lot of tarot cards and the psychic I do some work for also does tarot cards. My ex-girlfriend was also a believer of tarot cards. She believed in all that crap: horoscopes, Chinese horoscopes (even though she’s white…), psychics, umm, I don’t even know any more to list but whatever you can think of, she probably believes in it. As a non-believer of that crap, I was unbelievably nice about it all. I even did some work for the psychic for free in exchange for him to give her a reading. … I was supposed to steer the topic to something less depressing but I guess that didn’t work out. It’s depressing for me at least.


I have a feeling that this is one of my worst recent entries. Next time if I ever have to choose between napping or writing, I should choose napping. Oh wow, I was thinking of a title for this and I was thinking about needing a nap and then I tried to think of an alliteration starting with n. Nigger was like the 20th word that came to mind. I think that should be evidence for how un-racist I am, haha.

6 thoughts on “Never Not Nappy

  1. I consider myself fairly informed on Greek mythology and I’ve never heard of Thanatos. Thanatotic sounds like a really cool word, it has something ominous about it. Sounds like a word you might find used in an H.P. Lovecraft story or in an Anne Rice vampire novel. Both are avid adjective users.
    Based on your post today, you seem to have a lot of issues with dreams/nightmares. You should do a post about those. Even if you don’t believe in any of those dream meaning books or associations, it’s an interesting topic to delve into, much like researching the etymology of words.

    • I’ve never heard of Thanatos in popular Greek Mythology either although I would hardly consider myself an expert on that (even though I took that course on it lol). I don’t think Death, Death God, Grim Reaper and the like makes much of an appearance in those stories.

      I’m not doing anything right now so I’ll try to write a post about my dreams. I don’t remember a lot of my dreams though and every time I write about it I feel like I’m just talking nonsense, lol. I just did a search on my blog and it seems I have written about my dreams a number of times before. I might read some of those to remind myself of those dreams and see if I feel like my dreams are worth writing about or not.

      As a fellow blogger, you must know how great it is to see a comment. I was feeling pretty heartbroken earlier and your comment really lifted my mood. I was already starting to feel better before your comment but your comment really made my day. Thank you so much for that!

  2. I know the feeling – writing a blog and waiting, waiting, waiting and hoping for a like or a comment. Then you get the likes but not the comments. For me, at least, it was really disheartening. I’m glad my comment lifted your mood!
    I like your blog – I love learning new words. I know someone else who does too so I’m going to share your blog with him as well.

    • Oh yes, the waiting… The other thing that sucks is when I spend hours trying to write something thoughtful and no one’s interested but a fart joke I wrote a week ago got 10 likes. Then I try to write another fart joke and that gets nothing and that feels extra sad because I didn’t even want to write that second fart joke, lol.

      I mentioned how I abused the “like” button a couple posts ago. I remember there were a few times when I saw blogs that had no likes and even though I didn’t read it (mostly because I’m not big on reading) I decided to throw them a “like” because it’s easy for me to do and if there’s a small chance it might make someone happy, then it’s worth it.

      Thanks for liking my blog. I didn’t set out to explore new words but I guess that’s what the past few entries have become huh? That was a neat little byproduct of me trying to write about any random thing.

  3. When I first read the definition for grandelle it made me think that is a name for something that I never knew had a name. There is a lot of things like that, sadly at the moment I can’t think of any. I wonder if there is a word for things that have a name that nobody knows about?

    • Yeah, there are a lot of words with definitions that makes you think “Oh wow, I didn’t know there was a word for that.” The first example that always comes to my mind is “defenestrate” which means to throw someone out a window. Learning that word was pretty cool for me because I knew that fenetre was window in french. As for your last wonderment, there might be a word for that but I just call them fancy smancy words, lol. The problem with these words is that they’re not practical. A big part of language is about communication and if people don’t know the words, it is unable to communicate its meaning.

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