The Stallones And Me

I just got approached to make a game to accompany a horror indie movie called Skid Row. I haven’t looked into it too much yet, but the first thing I noticed is that Frank Stallone is in the movie and it makes me feel like I have all these almost connections with the Stallones.


I may have mentioned in passing that I help out a psychic with his books. I should probably mention his name to give him whatever minimal promotion this blog provides but I don’t feel inclined to do that for some reason. Well, it’s Anthony Carr for what it’s worth.


Anyway, Frank Stallone is Sylvester’s brother and Jacqueline is their mother. Apparently Anthony is friends with Jacqueline. Since last year, Jacqueline has been asking Anthony to go to LA to visit and she’ll provide hospitality. She wants his tech guy, Justin, to come along to “teach her facebook”. Justin doesn’t have time to go and wants to send me in his place. Anthony doesn’t want to go though because another psychic told him that if he ever went to LA, he won’t come back (suggesting that he’ll die there or on his flight back). I shouldn’t be surprised but I am surprised that he believes that shit. Apparently Jacqueline has been telling him to go visit her again recently. I wonder if she’s still trying to learn facebook after all this time.


Now you probably know that my imagination runs wild with many thoughts that I’m not even serious about. When the whole LA trip was first brought up, I imagined a scenario that Jacqueline probably gets pretty lonely in that big house of hers (I assume) and what if I went on that trip and became her boy toy. You can do a google image search to picture what that would look like, lol.

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