Special Someone

No one is born special. There are some people with certain mutations that make them special but I’m not talking about mutants right now. For normal people, no one is born special. Everyone wants to be special but you’re not born that way. You have to earn it.


In a new relationship, you can’t expect to be special. Maybe if you meet your special friend in a little church group or something, but online dating is a whole different world. When you’re dating online, you have to acknowledge that you’re not the only person they’re talking to. In an ideal world, both people would be really into each other right away and they can tell each other they’re special without being creepy and that does happen a lot. But when the dating is more casual, the other person can’t be special. If you tell them they’re special, they get turned off that you’re coming on too strong. Fact is, you are not special at this point. You are totally replaceable. You might be hotter or more attractive, but you’re not special. Whether or not you’re special is entirely up to how the other person treats you. If they’re putting in more effort into you than anyone else, that makes you special. If special treatment is not enough to make you feel special, then the onus is on you.

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