For Fuck’s Sake

How far am I willing to go for fuck’s sake? Apparently very far. I’ve driven hours and hours and never once complained about all the driving for fuck’s sake. I’ll even gladly leave the country, for fuck’s sake.


I’ve been working out, for fuck’s sake. Pretty much every time I work out, it’s for fuck’s sake. Ironically, every time I’ve gotten laid was at a time when I had given up on working out. Maybe I need to stop working out if I want to get laid again.


Look at that awesome cuddle-body-pillow. Someone needs to claim it pronto.

Sex blunders are always funny so I should write about a recent one. I actually fell asleep twice while eating pussy, to the point where I was having dreams. Even now, I can’t believe that happened. If I had to spin it positively, I can say that I am so comfortable around pussies that I can fall asleep with my tongue resting on one. It is purely unfortunate that I was so tired at the time. Now that I’m well-rested, I have too much energy and don’t know what to do with it anymore.

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