Naturally Deselect My Penis

My penis is pretty small. There’s no point denying it so I might as well make fun of it. I unfortunately don’t have many other ways to have fun with it. For the longest time, I had no idea how long (short) my dick was. I knew it wasn’t big, but I didn’t know if it was just smaller than average or if it was world record small. I’m not good at eyeballing lengths since I don’t measure things in inches and cm on a regular basis. As a digital artist, I can eyeball lengths in pixels but it would be terribly sad to measure my dick in pixels.


Having a small penis is undesirable for women and I wonder if I’m never going to get a chance to reproduce because of its unattractiveness. I sometimes blame my genetically small penis for not being able to get laid. However, I’m self-conscious enough to know that that is not a legitimate excuse. That would only be a legitimate excuse if girls constantly run away from me as soon as they see how small my penis is. That has never happened. I can’t even get to the point where a girl would see my penis which proves the illegitimacy of that excuse.


Another excuse I often use to not talk to girls is that bars and clubs are too loud and you can’t carry out a conversation in such environment. Once again, that is not a legitimate excuse. If it were true, I would be talking to girls in all other scenarios but I’ve had plenty of chances to talk to girls without loud music and I let each and every one of those opportunities slip away.


There’s a chance I may never get laid again. There’s a chance I’ll never get to reproduce. Natural selection is going to deselect me but it wouldn’t be because of my penis size. I simply suck at all areas of dating.

25 thoughts on “Naturally Deselect My Penis

  1. Alright, I’m gonna be honest with you because you were so honest with the rest of the world about you’re little (lol) problem.

    I’m gonna say almost every guy I’ve been with (it’s not a small number) thinks they have a small dick. And usually they really don’t. In fact, it’s just perfect.

    And even if it is small, we or atleast I don’t care that much. I’m not going to have an orgasm anyway. Its like, physically impossible for me to have an orgasm through penetration along with 70% of other females.

    I hope this makes you feel even a tiny bit better.. If I found a guy that was funny and fun to be around and sweet to me, I really wouldn’t care about the size. Theres so many other important things to factor in, and any girl who thinks otherwise you don’t want long term anyway. When were 70 were not going to be having sex.. and at the very least we still like eachothers personality. People so often forget that.

    • lol my little problem xD

      Thanks for cheering me up. It does make me feel better about my penis but it makes me feel a bit worse about my personality since that’s where all the fault lie now, lol. It’s not that I can’t have fun conversations with people but it seems so much harder for me with girls. I think the reason might be because I simply suck at starting the conversation and girls tend to let the guys initiate. I guess I’ll need to either find an aggressive girl or step up my game.

      • It’s not your personality. It’s your confidence. I’m sure you have a great personality.. You could argue that your lack of confidence completely stems from the fact that you know you have a small penis (I’m willing to bet its not as small as you think it is), and it makes you self conscious, making it really hard for you to talk to girls.

        The thing is girls (and when I say this I pretty much mean me because I’m all I can speak for) like being treated like a real person. A friend, someone to talk to, confide in, laugh with. You don’t have to impress me. You only have to be honest. Be genuinely interested in what I have to say. Have a real conversation, the same way you would with a guy. I can almost always pick up on when a guys not comfortable, not being himself, and it’s a huge turn off. I just want you to be yourself.

  2. I have a larger than average penis and I never get laid either… It’s not the size; it’s how you massage the clit. Can I say cilt on your blog?

  3. Hey, Ted. Just wanted to thank you for liking my post, ‘It’s not ‘the Man’, it’s the mix…’ Seems I stepped into a personal discussion. Oh, well, might as well dive right in. My tits are incredibly small. All my life, I’ve wondered what would things have been like if I only had average size breasts. But then, could I have traveled all over the world as a backpacker and a solo bicyclist. The fact I’m tall and thin, and flat chested, and from a distance I look like a guy. It has SET ME FREE!!! I don’t have to worry, like most women do. So just go on and do something with your life that’s extra-ordinary and doesn’t involve your dick. And I agree with aanderson…, it’s probably not as ‘small’ as you think. Cheers, Barbara Jean.

    • Thank you for sharing. Maybe I’m tired but I’ve been misreading thing a lot in the past few minutes. At first I thought you were telling me to be extra… …ordinary. Like, to be plain and boring. But then I realized you meant extraordinary lol. Yeah, that’s good advice. If I can just get over my horniness…

      • Hmmm, I see what you mean. Probably didn’t need a hyphen there, damned English grammar. Well, the thing is, nice girls don’t make the first move, Ted. You may fail miserably at first, but you’ve got to bust out. Like everything, you get better with practice. My mother’s voice is ringing in my head, ‘If at first you don’t suceed, try, try again’, but she probably wasn’t talking about sex. Oh, well. Good luck with it, man.

  4. Your erected penis has to be pretty small to get laughed out of bed. You’ve been watching too much porn..haha

    You, I and most Asians suck at talking to girls or any stranger for that matter. I guess that’s what can happen when your parents generation were still into arranged marriages. A lot of Asians I know just marry the first girl out of high school that will be with them because they don’t know if they will meet another. Sounds laughable but sometimes you have to live life according to what you have.

    When you talk to girls, don’t sound ashamed of your life or what you’ve done or haven’t done (you sometimes have to trick yourself). Once girls sense insecurity it’s not good. If you tell them you’re a game designer they will believe you especially since you have published a game on a well known site. Don’t self-sabotage..haha.

    • Yo welcome back. I’ve missed your comments, lol. Maybe I have been watching too much porn but my porn contains no penises, lol.

      I sometimes wish I can get into an arranged marriage. I can fall in love with someone as long as she’s not batshit crazy.

      You’re totally right about the insecurity thing. I often self deprecate for humor and the last girl told me that was a turn off.

  5. Look up “micro penis” – should make you feel better and its totally a real thing.

    That being said, from previous experience (as I am now married), a giant peen is pretty much cool for a night. Plus, the “average” size penis, erect, is not as big as you think, nor do men actually measure their penises correctly (I learned that tidbit after i searched micro penis myself, which i had heard about on a show and didnt believe it. But dude.)

    AND! Vaginas arent that deep anyway, so its cool. 8)

  6. I stumbled on your Blog because you were the only person who liked my post, I thought, you were one of the Photographers who joined that contest, but I was stunned when I saw and read the title of this post. Wow, so honest, so blunt, I salute you dude. Hey, no need to be disheartened, because you are not the only person, hahaha, just read between the lines. As they said, it’s not the size matters, it’s the performance and just be yourself. Cheers!

  7. This is the first post that I’ve read in your blog. And here I was thinking, “Oh, this guy would talk about gaming and how The Last of Us is the best game to get you back into gaming…blah blah…” And then I read this and I went “woah!” But I like your honesty, and you’re funny. And to a girl like me, being funny is far more important than having a huge dong. And all penis look weird anyway. And I’ve seen a lot of them – it’s not what you think, I used to be a nurse.

    And if it makes you feel any better, girls have insecurities in bed too that we kind of disregard the whole dick size issue anyway. Another thing I’m gonna say to make you feel less worse is I’m going to follow your blog.

    • This makes me feel a lot less bad/worse. I might go as far as to say it makes me feel good 🙂

      It’s cool that you either spend some time on the comment or that you’re naturslly super funny xD. Yeah, all penises do look weird and it always surprises me when I hear a girl say that they like penises.

      I also like you for liking Tina fey =)

      • Well cross that off my to do list! Glad I made you feel less bad/worse.

        Oh thanks. It’s always nice when people say you’re funny. But I don’t think I’m “naturally super funny”. They can’t all be winners. But thanks for saying that.

        Hell yeah I love Tina Fey. You can use that as pick up line my friend and it would work. Or at least I think it would.

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