Micro Penis Phobia

Lately I’ve been parading around the fact that I have a pretty small penis. On a number of occasions, people have tried to cheer me up by telling me to look up micro penises. I still have not looked up micro penis yet. First off, I don’t want to look at a penis, big or small. Secondly, what if it’s bigger than mine? I’m not really afraid of that but I still don’t want to look at any more penises than I have to, and I hope I never have to look at one.

5 thoughts on “Micro Penis Phobia

  1. I just looked up “micro penis” for you. Apparently there is an article (it’s from BuzzFeed) about women who’s had experience with a micro penis – my search history will never be the same.

    I thought guys are ok with looking at each other’s penis. Or is it just some sort of Hollywood Cinematic behavior that does not exist in real life?

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