Super Drunk, Sorry

I mentioned that I was in a good mood in the last post but I actually went down to a super bad mood right after that but right now, I’m in a super good mood. Not only am I more drunk than I’ve been in a long time, but I was actually in quite an all time low during the past 24 hours but I’m at an all time happy right now. From my blog posting, it would appear I’ve been drinking quite a lot in the past few weeks. I actually got drunk a couple nights ago too but I didn’t blog that night. Actually, I think I’m coming down from being super drunk right now. I still feel really oozy, but my innate censorship is returning. Damn. I was hoping I would feel less inhibited and write a bunch of stuff while I’m drunk.

I guess I’ll continue to clear up that I don’t believe I’m developing an alcoholic problem. So far, I’m still only getting drunk of free drinks. It just happens that I’ve been offered quite a bit of few drinks lately. That’s uncommon for an introverted guy so I’m probably still safe. I will admit that I’m definitely more prone to alcoholism than I was a month ago. But who knows, maybe I’m so drunk right now that I’ll need to throw up later and it’ll be one of those moments where I feel so shitty that I vow to myself that I won’t drink again which I know won’t last forever but it’ll last for a little while.

I just proofread what I just wrote. Being as drunk as I am right now, I think that even though it’s relatively comprehensible, it’s a lot more drunken-confusing than my previous drunken posts.