Annoying Non Problem Solver

There is someone I hear talking a lot these days and that person is a very annoying non problem solver. If there’s a discussion on how to approach a problem within that person’s vicinity, that person will butt in with a solution, but that person will say it in an annoyed tone. The problem is, it’s not a real solution. Even more of a problem, that person shuts down discussion of the problem. Not that I discuss thing with people because I already think everything through way ahead of time, but it stops me from explaining. The biggest problem of all is that the person sounds too sure of the non solution and it causes unwise people to actually believe it or at least not refute that person out of respect. I’m not invested enough to argue with that person. There’s no point in arguing with people who don’t listen. No one listens to me.

The other problem with these kinds of people is that they’re all talk. If the solution is so simple, why don’t they do that job themselves, especially when they should’ve been the ones doing it to begin with. …I feel like I’m talking about something very specific and I’m futilely trying to generalize it…

I wonder what I’m supposed to do when I encounter people like these. Am I supposed to be confrontational and make enemies out of them? I could win the argument easily. I’d just tell them to do it themselves if it’s so simple and if they say yes, I’ll be lifted of responsibilities I didn’t want to begin with. If they say no, I won’t even let them justify it by telling them to shut the fuck up then.

…I don’t do that because I avoid conflict. I avoid it so much to the point that I’ll be leaving the country basically just to avoid everyone. That doesn’t seem like the right thing to be doing either…

Saddest Masturbation Ever…

I’m about to perform the saddest masturbation ever. I feel like total shit right now. I don’t want to hate my parents, but every word that comes out of their mouths annoys the shit out of me, to the point that it manifests as physical pain. I haven’t seen my parents for a month and I don’t miss them one bit. However, I had to spend most of today with them as part of Chinese New Years to have dinner with some relatives. It was horrible. Today is the worst day I’ve had as far as I can remember – worse than yesterday when my uncle died; worse than dealing with retarded haters on the internet; worse than the day my mom nagged me at 2am until I walked out of the house in freezing weather in shorts and t-shirt because I needed to get out of the house and I stayed outside for hours.

Describing why my parents annoy me does not even begin to explain the fucked up situation. They bicker nonstop about the super retarded shit. Try to imagine the most retarded shit someone can bicker about, and they’re bickering about something much more retarded than that. You know the kind of bickering you see on TV that’s exaggerated for humor? They bicker much more than that. What is the most annoying sound you can imagine? If that sound was being played right in your face for hours on end and you have no way of turning it off, then you’ll get a fraction of the annoying experience I get with my parents.

I’m not even going to describe what happened when I yelled at my mom in the middle of the store when we were buying a suit for me to wear to the funeral. I hate having to get angry. I never get angry at anyone and never yell at anyone. If I don’t like someone, I stay away from them. I am a very peaceful person. My parents literally drive me crazy. I sound like a fucking teenage girl when I say that, but it’s true. I actually do retarded shit after being stuck with my parents. Prior to writing this blog, I’ve been hammering my head with my hands as hard as I could. Physical pain doesn’t “hurt” me, but I’m emotionally fucked up to the core. I’ve also been crying like a pussy for an hour now. Only one tear came out but my face is stuck in stupid crying positions. Being alive just feels so uncomfortable right now.

I know this whole thing sounds really stupid. I hate it all. I hate that I’m affected by such stupid shit. I don’t even know why the fuck I’m making these stupid crying faces. If somebody walks into the room right now, I know I can suppress all this shit. But with no one around, there’s no reason to hold it back. Because this is what happens when I don’t hold back, this must be what I’m truly feeling. What the fuck is it though? All I know is that it’s a clusterfuck of sadness.

During dinner, I was talking with my cousin’s husband about politics and cannabis and shit. Then he asked for my professional advice about building websites for a business he’s about to start. This isn’t some dumb college kid business idea where they just talk a bunch of shit. Dumb college kids either don’t follow through or their idea is shit. This guy is already involved in 2 profitable businesses and he wants me to help him out with this new one. I told him a bunch of website stuff and marketing strategies he could consider. Then my mom butts in and tells him we should eat more instead of talking so much. The guy tells her that I’m teaching him stuff and my mom calls bullshit on that and says if he wants to talk about video games, Ted will talk your ears off. What the fuck is that? It’s retarded and it’s not true. I’ve never talked to anyone about video games for more than a minute. There’s nothing to talk about. Isolated examples like these sound like I’m overreacting but you can’t judge until you have someone who never says anything good to you and every word they utter is annoying. And then there’s my dad. He’s the angriest asshole in the world and he tells me to curb my anger. He taunts me about it and laughs at me. I never respond to that because it’s pointless.

So here I am, feeling like shit and still making retarded crying faces. I feel so miserable right now. I’ve decided that I need to masturbate to feel a semblance of something good. I’m not in the mood at all but I need to do something about this sadness. This is going to be the saddest masturbation ever…

Annoying Annoying People

I don’t really have much to say on the matter. I was mildly amused for a brief moment when I thought of that title/phrase and decided to write a blog about it. Now I have to actually think of something to write about it. First off, I want to clarify that the title is [verb][adjective][noun] as opposed to a repetition of an adjective for emphasis. I always thought it was neat to have “…that that…” in a sentence and be grammatically correct. I’m amused that that kind of thing exists in the English language. That’s enough of that. I’m not giving a grammar lesson here.

In order to be an annoying person, you have to be a needy person. Hmm, that’s not true. A completely non needy person can be annoying too. I’ve been annoyed by them. That happens when someone doesn’t need anything but they don’t seem very content. That becomes annoying when they’re under your hospitality. I guess I could argue that they’re actually needy as well: they have a need to feel independent even though they’re not actually as self-sufficient as they think they are. …  I have a love hate relationship with language and semantics. A lot of words are defined so broadly that you can bend them into pretty much anything you want. I am fairly good at word bending and it’s fun sometimes to bend words in ways people don’t usually use them. But other times, it makes communication more difficult and if anything can mean anything, what’s the point of saying anything?

Okay, back to annoying people. I don’t indulge annoying people. The more annoying they get, the more I ignore them. Some of them probably get annoyed by my ignorance of them. I don’t care about that. The suckier way to annoy annoying people is when you’re actually trying to be nice to them and cope with their annoyingness but they don’t appreciate your effort and continue bitching at you.

I don’t have much else to say on this subject. I better stop trying to write about nothing lest I become even more annoying.

Inconvenience of “No Thanks”

People often say “no thanks” to things to not cause any trouble or inconvenience. However, declining the offer is often far more inconvenient and annoying. Usually, by the time the person offers, he’s already prepared to do whatever he’s offering. Declining the offer then becomes more troublesome than actually doing whatever’s offered.

I’m not saying people should say yes to everything. There are many times where you really don’t want the thing that’s offered. But when someone defaults to saying no to everything, it becomes very annoying. What, is my company a nuisance to you? If so, why don’t you say so and I will get out of your hair forever.

Life and social interactions aren’t as straight forward as that. But why not? Why do people make things so complicated. I often fantasize about a utopia of honesty. It’s just a fantasy though, because I’m sure it can never happen. Not only because people are stupid, but there are probably scenarios that led people to socially evolve to the way we are. The prime problematic example I can think of, is desiring and not desiring sex from people. At first, it would seem that if everyone’s honest about who they’d like to fuck, everyone would fuck more and everyone would be happier. The problem lie with the people that others don’t want to fuck. How depressing would that be? Very.

My Mom Vs. Normal Part III: Bitching, Animation, Programming

My mom does this annoying thing where she bitches about everything. Sometimes, they’re joke-y “friendly” bitching. Other times, they’re just bitching. I got a 3D monitor about 2 months ago and my mom has “friendly” bitched me twice to show her 3D movies.

Woah... the world looks so 3D...

Woah… the world looks so 3D…

What makes this bitching instead of asking? Well, that’s because I’ve already offered her to watch 3D movies 5 times (2 of those times were immediately after the bitching) but she turned down my offer every single time. So fuckin’ annoying.

What's that you want to offer me? Nah, I've already got something to suck on.

What’s that you want to offer me? Nah, I’ve already got something to suck on.

She does the same thing with food too. Every time she sees me throw out a container, she bitches that she never got to try any but every time I offer, she says no. And no, don’t argue for her that she just wants to be asked. She says no in a depressed and suicidal tone. Can you even imagine how that sounds? I highly doubt it. There was this one tiny box of chocolate that I distinctly left on the table and waited a year to eat it and she still bitched about that.

We just love to say no to boys.

We just love to say no to boys.

Here’s a little background information about me that you’ll need for the next story. I went to 2 years of university studying computer science. I have discontinued my education indefinitely because I am capable of learning those skills on my own, and going to school made me depressed, and I’m just a lazy fuck-tard.

And my background is in netting. I learned that on my own too!

And my background is in netting. I learned that on my own too!

A couple days ago, my mom said this thing to me that she has said at least two other times before. She told me that if I didn’t like what I was studying before, I should go back to school to study something else, like programming, because she heard that it’s good. If you ask her what I studied for my first 2 years, she would tell you that I was studying animation. I have said nothing that would’ve led her to think that other than saying the word “computer”. It’s one thing to not know what I’m studying, but at least have the decency to know its name or what it’s NOT.

Look at me! I'm computering!

Look at me! I’m computering!

Introducing My Parents Vs. Normal

My parents keep spoon feeding me stuff to bitch about so I’m going to make this a multi-part entry as well. I will separate them by mom and dad. Just for fun, each time I update one, I will update the other to keep things balanced .I will probably do a collective one at some point. It took me so long to start this because they constantly give me too much material and actively trying to document that will consume my whole life.

My Dad Vs. Normal Part I

I just bitched about my mom so I’ll bitch about my dad too to be fair. I didn’t have anything planned for this but just when I finished writing the last entry, my dad came home from work and from upstairs, I heard him say “gagagagagagagagagagagaga” in a mocking high pitch. If you can’t imagine how that sounds, that’s a testament to how retarded it sounded. He was presumably mocking about something annoying my mom just said but he isn’t aware that his mockery is far more annoying than anything imaginable. Or he just doesn’t care. Oh, and he does this mocking angrily too. Add that to the already unimaginable dialogue. That is simply not a noise a normal person should ever make. I feel retarded when I imitate it for my friends so I can only imagine how retarded it feels to make that noise unironically. Does a retard even feel retarded?

Then he walked past my room and (high-pitch) grunted “aaaarg”. He was annoyed with me but I wasn’t doing anything annoying and he had nothing to complain about. He was annoyed that I was alive basically. He makes that noise no matter what I’m doing. Even if I’m sleeping, he’ll turn on the light to make that noise and make sure I wake up to hear his annoyance with me. And yes, that has happened many times before.