Inconsistent Blogging

Ever since I got an email from wordpress summing up my stats for the year, one thing really stuck to my mind. There was a stat for how many consecutive days I’ve blogged and I got 6. I don’t know how I feel about that number. Considering I never really tried to blog everyday, 6 isn’t a bad number, but it’s definitely not a good number either. Now knowing that that is something they keep track of, I wonder if I should make an effort to raise that number for next year. I feel like that stat did help make me blog more, but not everyday, which is kind of weird.


Time for the random words thing again. First word is canny. This word doesn’t come up often. I usually see the antonym, uncanny. It’s odd how sometimes we would see the prefixed version of a word but not see it used in its base form. …Maybe I just made up that oddity because I can’t come up with another example at the moment. Maybe canny is a word they use more in England or something. Cheeky is one of those I think, at least in my world. I never hear the word cheeky but an English girl called me that today. I think it was a good thing but I can’t tell. The other thing that comes to mind is the uncanny valley but I don’t feel like writing about that right now.


Next word is balac which is not a word…. It sounds like a guy with an over the top Chinese accent trying to say “black”. Alright, I’ve got an embarrassing story about this that I probably shouldn’t tell but fuck it, it’s coming out. I made a couple stupid videos where I played a dumb character with a thick Chinese accent. I will not link it and hopefully you can’t find it since I don’t think I gave you any keywords to search. I won’t write out the whole bit here, but there’s a joke I wrote involving Barack Obama and pronouncing identically to Black Obama with that thick accent, and saying that I should call myself Yellow.


Next word is plenipotent which means to possess full power. That is a really cool definition. Sometimes, I think of reasons for why something is the way it is, and it would make sense, but it would also often have absolutely nothing to do with the real etymology. In this case, I think of it as have plenty of potent. This word also makes me think of Dragon Ball Z, mostly because it was already on my mind because I just found out about Dragon Ball Z XenoVerse today. It comes out February 17 and looks pretty awesome.


I’m going to cut this list short today. I have too many distractions right now. A guy from high school just started talking to me tonight. I’ve shown him the games I’ve been making, we talked about earnings and now he’s showering me with compliments and wants to meet. I will not make a gay joke here, lol. Hearing all these praises really made me realize how little positive energy I had been receiving. (Maybe I should’ve left out that last line….)

Clash Of The Ti -ny Personalities

I want to expand on the personality clashes I mentioned in the last post. I mentioned that I didn’t have many shared interests with that girl. I’ve always been on the receiving end of that and it’s a real bummer to hear. I was ashamed of even thinking of saying the same thing because it’s not exactly truthful. In 99% of the cases, there are at least some shared interests. The real truth is just that the other person is less than you expected, usually because you have expectations that are too high. At least that was the case for me. Lack of shared interest, much like looks, does not need to be the be-all and end-all of things. Take me and my ex-girlfriend for example. We had a profound lack of shared interests. Every interaction, we found we have less in common. Sure it didn’t work out but it was still able to last a while because I put in the effort. If I were more crass, I could say I got everything out of her that I needed. …I just said it so I’m already that crass; I didn’t need to be snobby about it as well.


Above all, the thing that didn’t work out the most is language and communication. As a purveyor of words, language is very important to me. Whether it’s a love interest or just a guy friend, I need the other person to have an appreciation of the language and be comfortable with it. This does not mean that all my friends need to be patronizing multi-syllabic superficial word whores. They don’t even need to be active readers. Heck, I’m not. I rarely tell people to read my blog because I don’t want to be a nuisance. But when I do, there are people who cower at the wall of text, and people who enjoy, appreciate, and even get inspired by them. People may even get turned on, if I will it. Some of my best friends can’t differentiate “then” and “than” if their balls depended on it. But they still respect good writing when they see it.


The girl last night did not possess the language proficiency that I desire. Her English is fine, but there’s still just too many errors all the time and it does not feel comfortable for her. Her English is probably above average for an ESL person, but the lack of interest and appreciation for my work loses her a few points. This reminds me of the last season of Louie where he pursued a love interest who didn’t speak a lick of English. He toured the city and went on dates with her, all the while not being able to understand each other. I could never do that.

Being Thanked Vs Being Appreciated

Everyone wants to be appreciated for their actions, but I hate being thanked. Giving thanks is the lowest form of showing appreciation. Worse yet, I’m forced to respond when I’m thanked and I don’t enjoy responding to people. I do things for others all the time but I’ve also passed up on many opportunities to help strangers just because I don’t want to deal with small talk during and after. …Yeah… I’m probably the weirdo here but still… it just sucks I guess.

Some Messages To My Readers

If this is the first entry you’re reading from my blog, go away. Go read a shit story and then come back.

Comments: Even though I don’t always reply to every comment, I have read and will continue to read each and every one of them. I really enjoy reading them. The reason I might not respond is because I don’t have anything funny to say and I can’t just say a straight thank you. I’m weird like that. That said, a lot of the comments and my responses can be as funny as the main entry so you should check those out too, like the conversation about fleshlights here.

More comments please: I’m an attention whoring little bitch and I want more feedback! This will keep my mind active and in return, I’ll be able to write more funny things for you to read. You won’t believe how much I’m just wasting away my life at the moment. I spent most of today lying in bed and checking my email for new comments. Normally, I would just go masturbate and then feel sad 20 seconds later, but my brother’s home a lot these days so I’ve lost a lot of my masturbatory freedom.

Female readers, want to volunteer a picture of yourself? I’ve started adding pictures of pretty girls to all my shit stories and if you so desire, those could be pictures of you! Along with the picture, you will get a funny caption and a link to your site so you get some free advertising. The captions will not make a joke at your expense. It will be something along the lines of the ones you see here. This and this are examples of ways I will not be using your pictures. If you’re not happy with what I did, you can always ask me to modify or remove it. I’m very reasonable. Don’t be shy. I’ll be gentle.

More Pretty Girls? Have you guys been enjoying the pictures and the accompanying captions? If this entry gets 25 likes, I will add pictures to every entry I write, not just the shit stories.

Don't you want to see me everywhere and not confined to just shit stories?

Don’t you want to see me everywhere and not confined to just shit stories?

Oh, and I just noticed that I missed part ix when I was adding pictures earlier today so I’ve gone back and added them. Go check out what I have to say about myself in the voice of these girls.