Drunk Again

I swear I’m not developing alcoholism. I might be starting to, but I know I’m not in any real danger because of my broke ass cheapness. At the end of the day, I don’t make much money and I spend even less so I’m very limited by how much I’ll drink. I still hate the taste of alcohol and I’m generally a good person so I’m not anywhere near the point where I would steal money from my parents to buy alcohol. For now, I’m only drinking free drinks. My brother’s friend happens to have brought some over again so I’m indulging. Speaking of stealing money from my parents, I pulled a little robinhood stunt when I was about 8 years old. At around age 7, I started to develop resentment towards my parents. I’ve tried to repair it at different times but my relationship with them is ultimately not good. At age 8, there were several weeks where I took money from a container in my mom’s room and bought soda from the vending machine. Everyday, I would buy one for myself, my friend at the time, and his brother. We’d take the can and go to his brother’s classroom and toss him a can. It felt like that went on for a while but it was probably no more than 3 weeks. If it was 3 weeks, it would be 5 days x 3 weeks x 3 cans which would only be $45, not that big a deal. I was stealing coins so that seems about right as the upper limit of how much I could’ve taken.


Previous to writing this post whilst still being drunk, I was coding my next game. I’ve been stuck on a few bugs and pretty unmotivated to fix them lately. I took 2 whole weeks off watching sitcoms. I made a bit of progress today and made even more progress while drunk. Although I’m a little clumsier while drunk, my brain still works pretty much at full capacity overall. I wonder if I’m even clumsier at all. I think I just use drunkness as an excuse to make more mistake. If I really wanted to, I’m pretty sure I can maintain my normal level of clumsiness. I also know that I’m less inhibited when drunk and would say more things that I normally wouldn’t say, like this blog post. Not that I have any secrets to blab, but I can still resist blabbing. It’s just that I’m normally pretty close to writing these kinds of nonsense but I normally censor myself and with drunkness, I give myself an excuse to be a little more random.


Whoa, I think the alcohol kicked in more while writing this post. I think I’m more drunk now than when I started. But I’ve pretty much said what I had to say already. Maybe I’ll post more random crap later on. I’m going to try coding now. I wonder if it’ll work out.