Losing Weight With Cold Baths

Today, I began experimenting with cold baths. I did a little research on it so let me start off by summarizing what I’ve read and heard. A lot of elite athletes supposedly do it. I’ve heard that NBA players do it too, but I think they use NO2 or dry ice or something for a quick burst of cold air instead of sitting in a tub of ice. There haven’t been any known scientific research on it, but there’s a lot of empirical evidence that it helps, or at least doesn’t make things worse. Among several benefits, the main one is that the cold water helps your muscles excrete its lactic acid which is responsible for the sore feelings you get after a workout.

The main reason I’m trying out cold baths is for potential weight loss. The most compelling evidence that suggests it might work is by comparing athletes’ diets. A healthy average adult male should consume about 2,000 calories a day. NBA players consume around 5,000 calories a day and olympic swimmers consume around 12,000 calories a day. Assuming the NBA players aren’t slacking off, the difference in calories is insane.  The most obvious difference you can find is that the swimmers spend a lot of time in the pool which is relatively cold. During my brief googling research, there doesn’t seem to be any scientific research on cold water and weight loss but the empirical evidence is pretty convincing.

Even if it works, it’s not an easy ride because cold water is quite uncomfortable. Today, I first filled around 10% of the bathtub with slightly warm water and then I filled the rest of the tub with the coldest water the tap can get. Next time, I will do all cold water. I don’t know what the actual temperature is and I’m too lazy to find out. Cold tap water seems to be colder during winters so it was pretty damn cold. When I spray my arm with that water for several seconds, my arm begins to feel frozen already. It’s obviously not frozen but I’m just using that as shitty biased evidence that the water is very cold.

It’s pretty interesting to sit in cold water. If I don’t move, I can get pretty used to the cold. But as soon as I move, it feels super cold right away. I think my body warms up the water surrounding it. I didn’t time how long I was in there. I’m extremely unscientific with my cold bath experiments. All I know is, I spent roughly 8am to 3pm alternating between riding a stationary bike and sitting in the cold bath. I went in the bath 3 times. I don’t know how that took 7 hours. Time flies when I procrastinate. If I had to guess, I think the first 2 baths were around 20 minutes and the 3rd one was around 40 minutes. I find it hard to believe that I biked for 5 hours today. I’m pretty sure I didn’t bike for that long. Maybe I’m forgetting something…. Oh yes, I masturbated a couple times too but that couldn’t have taken more than an hour.

Anyway, it’s not really important where my time went. The main reason I wrote this blog was to report one thing. Other than the fact that I feel a bit colder than usual (because I didn’t warm up after the baths) my body mostly feels fine. However, there’s one really odd thing I’m experiencing. For some reason, my bottom jaw feels very sore, especially when I eat. I might be able to explain it by saying it was tired from shivering, but I actually didn’t shiver in the tub. It might just be a coincidence because I know I’ve been occasionally feeling mild cavities in there. I guess I’ll see if a hot bath tomorrow will fix it. I think cold baths are more likely to burn more calories, but I tried a couple hot baths too. I’m a pretty extreme person. I used pretty cold water today and I’ve used pretty hot water in the past too. The hottest water from the tap isn’t hot enough so I boil two giant pots of water and dump them in the tub. It’s hot. I constantly dip my feet in the water until it cools enough to get in. For the first 10 minutes, I can’t keep my feet in the water for more than a couple seconds before it hurts like hell.

Just like most of my blog, I don’t really have a point here. Even if I do lose a lot of weight in the next couple weeks, it doesn’t mean the cold baths worked. I’m also doing a lot of exercises and eating less. All I know is, if I keep this up, my body is going to look awesome really soon.