Biological Racism

In an ideal world, there would be no racism. But the world we live in is far from ideal and there will always be racism. Even if everyone had the same skin color, people would still be racist against people with different upbringings. Hillbillies, rednecks, southerners, mountain people, hippies, pothead, junkies, homeless people: these are proofs that racism is not limited to skin color. Some people might argue that racism is only limited to skin color and I’m describing discrimination. It’s all the same shit.

I wonder how much racism is biological and whether that makes it excusable. Cultural upbringing definitely has far more influence, but I think there’s some biology at work too. Of course, there are limits to what’s excusable. Just because a person is predisposed to be a little more racist, killing someone is still inarguably wrong. A crime will still be a crime, but how much racism is allowable when it comes to mating and procreation? In a recent podcast, I mentioned that many Chinese people are naturally less attracted to black girls. I kind of feel that way and I feel racist for feeling that way. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying black girls are less attractive. They’re just less attractive to me, just as I’m sure I’m less attractive to certain people just by being Chinese. There’s no hate here. I don’t hate anyone for being black. Like many whiggers out there, I think there’s something extra cool about black people.

I don’t know if it’s biological for me to have those sexual preferences. We’re okay with biological sexual orientation, but how come biological racial preference is worse? I agree that it’s worse too, but if it really is biological, you can’t really blame the person. The human body is covered in bacteria. What if black pussies have a certain bacteria that eats the flesh of Chinese penises. That would be more definitively biological and I’m sure no one could blame a Chinaman for avoiding black pussies if that were true. But alas, that is not the case so I’ve just written some random shit.

I guess if I had to make a point and make myself sound less of an asshole, we should not be racist because we are not slaves to our biology. Many people have shitty eyes but instead of being blind, we get glasses. It might take some work, but as long as you’re open and willing to overcome whatever tiny bit of predisposed racism is in your body, then you’re on the right track.

Discrimination: When is it Okay? Almost Always.

I’m not condoning hateful behavior because discrimination is a lot more than that. Most of the world is rather unintelligent and they discriminate improperly and that should not be done. But that doesn’t mean nobody should ever discriminate. At its very core, discrimination is simply differentiation. Everyone is different so they should be treated differently. They should be treated fairly, but not equally. It would be retarded to test a fish on its ability to climb a tree. Just like how it’s retarded to hire a fresh off the boat Chinese person who doesn’t speak English to be your customer service representative. The person is unfit for the job not because she’s Chinese, but because he doesn’t fuckin’ speak a lick of English.

She might not speak a lick of English but she's still a great model because models don't need to talk.

She might not speak a lick of English but she’s still a great model because models don’t need to talk.

I was listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast where he interviewed Jason Stuart, a gay comedian. Jason was bitching about how hard it was for him to get jobs because he’s gay and how he just lost a job because he’s gay. His bitchings got on my nerve. He wasn’t having a hard time because of his sexual preference; he was having a hard time because he was being a faggot. At one point Jason said, “Am I supposed to change who I am just because I’m on a job?” Yes, Jason, you should. It’s not so crazy to ask a person to change who they are. There are lots of rapists out there who’re doing a damn fine job holding in their urges and not raping everyone they see. Should they also just be who they are?

Just like how she would need to change if she wanted an English speaking office job. She would need to speak English and stop positioning herself for fecal excretion in public.

Just like how she would need to change if she wanted an English speaking office job. She would need to speak English and stop positioning herself for fecal excretion in public.

You don’t get hired to express your feelings. Go do that on your own time when you’re not getting paid. When you’re working, you should be a good worker and stfu unless you’re spoken to. If you can’t do that, you’re just not the kind of worker they’re looking for. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you do with your penis and asshole during your free time. You’re just a bad worker who also happens to be gay. Just like how athletes are hired because they’re good athletes and not because they’re black. They just usually happen to be black.

This girl, however, is here because I googled "pretty black girl" for a picture to put here.

This girl, however, is here because I googled “pretty black girl” for a picture to put here.

There’s a fine line between differentiation and hateful discrimination. Most people are just too stupid and associate all forms of differentiation as discrimination. Sometimes there are gray areas but sometimes it’s obviously unhateful. If you’re smart enough, you won’t need to resort to being offended as a default state. Here’s a progression of statements to demonstrate what I mean. “All women have breasts.” That is just plain fact and there’s nothing sexist about it. “All women have to dress accordingly depending on how they want their breasts to look in public.” That’s still perfectly factual with nothing sexist about it. Even if they don’t care about the way they dress, the way they end up dressing still affects the way their breasts look. “All women get a positive correlation of attention from men depending on the amount of boob they’re showing.” This is starting to hit some gray areas but it’s still mostly simply fact. If there’s any negative generalization, it’s not about women behavior at all; it’s about how men are dogs. But many people out there will gladly accuse me for making a negative accusation on women behavior. Well, I’m here to pre-emptively j’accuse you first.


J'accuse her for showing off her boobs on purpose.

J’accuse her for showing off her boobs on purpose.