My Dumbassery Part II

I’m a glasses wearing, math doing, blog writing, asian man. I normally don’t react much and maintain a cool composure. That’s why unexpected encounters with insects annoy me. It’s hard to keep cool when I fend myself from bugs. The worst of these was probably one time when a fly landed on my glasses and I instinctively tried to slap it away, which led to me slapping myself in the face, knocking my glasses off, and breaking them…

I also tend to say stupid things and cringe when I look back on the things I’ve said. Just recently, I told a stranger that I’d rather be mean and weird than nice and boring. I don’t know if the message is clear, but it wasn’t the best choice of words. However, life’s too short to be changing things all the time so I just force myself to assume the stances I’ve once taken. Few things actually matter anyway so I might as well save my time and effort. I beseech you all heed this advice given to you by a brilliant man who slapped himself and broke his glasses.

My Dumbassery Part I

Let me start off with a bad joke. I’m a really cheap person so I try to get 50% off everything. If someone asks me to give them my 2 cents, I’ll bargain to give 1 cent. …I’m not proud of that joke at all. Those who might enjoy it, enjoy. Those who find it lame, I agree with you. I guess it befits the title that I’m presenting a joke I don’t even like.

Anyway, I went to a computer store yesterday to buy a new hard drive. I filled up my 2tb with porn already so I need a new one. Just kidding, only 120gb of it is porn. I picked out a 3tb hard drive for $140 and lined up to pay. I only had around $80 cash so I was going to use my credit card. But then the machine asked me for a pin and I didn’t know I had a fuckin’ pin. It never asked me for a pin before so I don’t know it and I couldn’t pay. The cashier had already printed out the receipt and bagged it and everything. There was nothing I could do, I simply didn’t have enough money. I wonder how often this happens. I wonder how many dumbasses tries to buy something without enough money. Here’s a Louis CK joke that’s very related to this: