My Favorite Tweets Part 1

Being the narcissist that I am, these are all my own tweets. I’m reposting my tweets because I have a negligible amount of twitter followers and I want more people to read my shit, even if it’s mediocre shit.



I wiki’d – “..the condition of having at least three loose or liquid bowel movements each day..” I thought I only need 1

When my is about to get interrupted, it’s hard to decide whether I should stop or finish.

It’s okay for to describe themselves as “good at playing with kids.” It’s less okay for to say it.

The most I got this month was walking to the store to buy chips. The more I bought, the more of a workout I would get carrying it.

I hate using the word “whom”. It always sound so : “Look at me, I know how to use it properly.”

I’m either a high functioning or a low functioning non autistic.

When drops in the , for a moment, I freeze and wonder if I should reach in for it. Then I realize, , of course I should!

aside, I have so much in common with

Don’t be a about pussies.

When I’m , I get a big on my face and that makes me .




Distraction Cardio

I don’t know about you, but I hate cardiovascular exercises. I know they’re the healthiest and best exercises for the body, but I just hate them. A couple minutes in, I start to feel a combination of tired, bored, lazy, and want to quit. However, I have recently found a way to use the power of distraction and easily do hours of cardio.

First, I tried watching TV while I pedal away on my stationary bike. It didn’t help. I end up just watching TV while sitting on the bike until my ass starts to hurt. I would pedal for a few minutes, work up a little sweat, and then I want to stop. I didn’t purposely try this, but one day I decided to play some shitty ipad games while pedaling and it surprisingly worked wonders. Sure, I still feel like stopping every so often but it’s definitely much easier to resume biking. Before I know it, I’m dripping sweat and literally more than half my shirt is covered in sweat. (I sweat a lot. A few years ago, every time I run 10km, my entire shirt gets covered in sweat.)

Somehow, casual gaming has just the right amount of distraction to make exercising much easier. It probably won’t work for everyone, but if you have trouble keeping up with cardio exercises, it might be worth it for you try different distractions to see if maybe one of them will work for you. To be clear, exercising will not magically become effortless. It will still take a bit of willpower, but it’s definitely easier. For the record, my bike is set to fairly heavy. Actually, it’s stuck there either because I didn’t assemble the bike properly or it was broken to begin with. I didn’t exchange it because I knew I would mostly use the heavy setting anyway and it’s not too heavy. So this distraction exercise thing I’m doing is actually not great cardio because my heart rate doesn’t rise too much, but my sweat proves that it’s still good exercise.

…This post feels too “feel-goody” and I don’t like that. Let me include something I wrote on facebook yesterday to change the mood a little and hopefully end this on an entertaining note: I just looked out the window and saw a teenage kid playing basketball a couple houses down. He attempted to do some fancy dribbling and then proceeded to shoot an air ball. He’s so lucky that he doesn’t know somebody saw that.